It’s Happening: Kanye Attacks Puff Daddy as a Jewish Shill

It’s officially happening. Kanye West just started World War III.

After pushing things close to the edge in attacking Jared Kushner on the Tucker Carlson show, Kanye has now just gone out there and said the absolute fact that the Jews are who is attacking him.

On Friday, he leaked text messages between him and Puff Daddy. Puffy had attacked him over the White Lives Matter T-shirt, and Kanye told him he knew he was working for the Jews.

He wrote: “Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me.”

He also called Puffy a “fed.”

This implies he’s reading and listening to a certain kind of media.

One of the most famous people on the planet is straight-up “naming the Jew.” This is as far as anyone has gone, and it’s no longer in question that Kanye was saying what we all knew he was saying on the Tucker show.

I was right. Nick Fuentes was right. People who questioned Kanye West’s devotion to Christ were wrong.

Seriously: nothing but love for this guy.

Kanye has come out and made comments about Jews at various times throughout his career, but he’s always walked it back. He’s not walking it back anymore. Breaking up this man’s family and then literally sending in a gargoyle kike to screw his wife was too much. Jews, as always, went too far.

He posted this a few months ago:

Some blue check at the time noticed where things were going.

After trying to ignore the stuff Kanye said about the Kushners on Tucker, the Jews are now out in full-force to attack him.

This is a bizarre statement from the Anti-Defamation League. The people telling Puff Daddy to tell Kanye to denounce white people are Jews. The record producers he’s had to work with his whole adult life are Jews. The journalists that have attacked him for years calling him insane are Jews. The people who broke up his marriage are Jews. It was a Jew that is literally screwing his wife.

Another one of these Jew groups called Jewish power “a century old trope.”

It’s just so mind-numblingly dumb. Jews really do have all this power. It’s just true. It’s a factual matter that is not in dispute. They’re telling Kanye what they tell everyone else who notices this: “you’re not allowed to notice.”

I will tell you this: Kanye is black and he’s a pop culture icon who is only vaguely interested in politics, and he’s out there saying Jews are the problem. What then is the excuse of people who have made a career out of conservative politics going out there and shilling for the Jews?

How are all of these MAGA Inc. cucks who were celebrating Kanye for supporting Donald Trump going to respond?

What is Benny Johnson going to say?

These people are going to have to now turn on him, and go out there and stand with the ADL.

Frankly, we need to back him up. He doesn’t have anyone else. We need our people out there supporting him, everywhere.

As far as I am able to tell, Kanye means what he said to Puffy: this is a war.

He’s declared war on the Jews – or rather, he’s now fighting back in the war they declared on him and his family. He’d been dealing with these people in terms of money stuff for a long time, then he was dealing with them as regards the cultural issues, with the Jews supporting abortion, BLM, and all this other evil stuff. But when they went and destroyed his family, that was too far.

He seems to have planned these events, in order:

  • He wore the White Lives Matter T-shirt
  • He went on Tucker for a major two-part interview
  • In between the two parts, he named the Jews openly on his Instagram

I think he’s all in and he’s going to go all the way. That’s what I’m seeing here. He’s got billions of dollars they want to take from him, but what are billions of dollars worth if you don’t have your family?

This is the exact thing we needed, and it is happening just exactly right on time. The Elon Musk Twitter deal is going to go through, the Russians are going to escalate the war, Donald Trump is going to declare a bid for presidency – the lines are being drawn; everything is lining up for the final showdown.

Spoiler alert: God wins.