Ivermectin has Antiviral Effect Against Coronavirus, Japanese Big Science Experts Say

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So this is not new.

I don’t believe in “the coronavirus” at all, but people are getting infected with respiratory illnesses, and ivermectin had already been approved for use against this type of illness in various countries.

The media just completely fabricated this “horse paste” gibberish. Then the head doctor went on Joe Rogan and admitted that the whole network was involved in a coordinated campaign of lies.


So, it’s a pointless discussion.

All of this Science bullshit is pointless.


Japanese trading and pharmaceutical company Kowa Co Ltd said on Monday anti-parasite drug ivermectin showed an “antiviral effect” against Omicron and other variants of coronavirus in joint non-clinical research.

Kowa did not provide further details. The firm has been working with Kitasato University, a medical university in Tokyo.

But that’s what they’re saying.

I would not be surprised if the media totally reverses on this one and starts telling people to take ivermectin, or if Pfizer releases pills that are related to ivermectin but also contain mutant DNA or whatever.