Jacob Wohl Indicted for Promoting Interests of Jewish People – Antisemitism?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2019

It is an age-old anti-Semitic canard that Jewish people are involved in financial scams.

You have to wonder what motivated the California courts to accuse a prominent Jewish racial activist of such crimes.

The classic anti-Semite Will Sommer writes for the Daily Beast:

California authorities issued an arrest warrant for blundering conservative operative Jacob Wohl, who is now due to be arraigned on a felony charge next month, court records show.

As The Daily Beast first reported earlier on Wednesday, Wohl and a former business partner were both wanted on a warrant signed in Riverside County on Aug. 19.

The warrant was recalled after Wohl—best known for a spree of bizarre, half-baked political schemes—appeared in court on Wednesday. He was released on his own recognizance until his Oct. 24 arraignment on a charge of unlawful sale of securities, prosecutors said.

The allegation that Wohl and Johnson unlawfully sold securities centers on one of Wohl’s financial companies, Montgomery Assets. A warrant application filed by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office notes that the three-year statute of limitations on the case was set to expire at the end of August 2019, meaning prosecutors had to file by the end of last month if they wanted to pursue charges.

“In 2016 Jacob Wohl and Matthew Johnson represented themselves as members of a company called Montgomery Assets,” the warrant application reads. “On July 27, 2016 through August 27, 2016 Jacob Wohl and Matthew Johnson offered for sale unqualified securities in violation of California Corporations Code 25110 which has a three year statute of limitations and must be tolled by the issuance of an arrest warrant.”

Wohl, who became infamous on Twitter for his devoted replies to presidential tweets and fake claims to have heard liberals praising Trump in “hipster coffee shops,” didn’t respond to a request for comment. Johnson also couldn’t be reached for comment.

Weird thing to note about him, guy.

Anti-Semitism seethes from the paragraphs of this Daily Beast article by the goy Will Sommer.

And you should see his Twitter timeline – yikes.

He apparently thinks he can get away with this kind of virulent hatred because he’s married to an ugly old yenta, Juliana Brint.

And before “oh she doesn’t look that bad, I like hawklike features” – take a look at this – she’s a German soapmaker’s wet dream.

She is not only fat, but a tiny goblina yenta.

For reference, Will Sommer is 5′ 4″ – look at this college picture of them, while they were in spy training at Georgetown.

Juliana Rose Salzman Brint – who did not change her name when she married the anti-Israel activist Sommer – is Danny DeVito sized.

It looks to me that the age-old anti-Semitic hatreds are returning – not just on the level of Will Sommer, the joke journalist with the goblin Jew shield-wife, but on the level of the California state, which is moving to oppress and destroy the Jewish race by leveling anti-Semitic allegations about financial scams.

If I was Jacob Wohl, I would flee to Israel, rather than stand and be judged by the goyim, who really have no right to lay hands upon God’s chosen ones.

Will Sommer should be banned from Twitter for spreading these anti-Semitic canards.


Sommer has responded to questions with regards to his Jewish wife seeming to be in conflict with his leftist anti-Semitism against the state of Israel.

It’s a very weird message.

His interaction with Brandy Zadrozny, a Jewish activist working for NBC, was also incredibly weird – he apparently menaced her in DMs, then doubled down in public.

(This tweet has since been deleted and I can only find the censored version.)