Japan: Government to Start Dumping Radioactive Water from Fukushima Into the Ocean

The Chinese are complaining about this, which is probably why the Japanese are doing it.


Japan will start releasing treated radioactive water from the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday, despite opposition from its neighbours.

The decision comes weeks after the UN’s nuclear watchdog approved the plan.

Some 1.34 million tonnes of water – enough to fill 500 Olympic-size pools – have accumulated since the 2011 tsunami destroyed the plant.

The water will be released over 30 years after being filtered and diluted.

The Japs were so serious about proving the water is safe they created a kawaii little mascot for it called Mr. Tritium, but he didn’t catch on unfortunately.

I think they should reboot the idea, but instead of just a mascot they should make a 200+ episode anime battle shounen about how Tritium regrets giving people cancer, and redeems himself by fighting the PFAs in the ocean.

They could hire that guy who wrote Naruto to do the script, he’s got nothing better to do anyway.

*fingers crossed*