South Korea: Massive Protest Calling for Government Action as Japan Poisons Seas with Fukushima Water

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If you look at a map, Japan is really close to both Korea(s) and China.

It’s crazy they were allowed to just dump their nuclear poison in the ocean.

There are even libertarian cult rules about not dumping chemicals into a river that flows onto someone else’s property. I can’t remember what it’s called (they have terms for everything), but this is some form of a violation of the non-aggression principle (NAP).


Protesters gathered in the capital of South Korea on Saturday to demand that the government take steps to avoid what they fear is a looming disaster from Japan’s release of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Japan began dumping the water from the plant north of Tokyo into the sea on Thursday despite objections both at home and abroad from fishing communities and others worried about the environmental impact.

“We will not be immediately seeing disasters like detecting radioactive materials in seafood but it seems inevitable that this discharge would pose a risk to the local fishing industry and the government needs to come up with solutions,” said Choi Kyoungsook of the Korea Radiation Watch group that organised the rally.

About 50,000 people joined the protest, according to the organisers.

Japan says it needs to start releasing the water as storage tanks holding about 1.3 million metric tons of it – enough to fill 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools – are full.

The first discharge of 7,800 cubic metres – equivalent to about three Olympic pools – will take place over about 17 days.

This is serious.

I mean, maybe they’re just looking for a reason to protest the nips. I haven’t actually looked into the arguments about what dumping this poisoned water is going to do, in theory. I’m sure Japan is just saying that the ocean is so big it doesn’t make a difference.

Japan was also no doubt saying there was nothing else they could do with that much water.

Americans could obviously just put it in lead tanks and drive it out to Nevada, but Japan is a tiny island where they do not have dumping grounds.

They could have, in theory, just kept it wherever it was indefinitely, I would think.

In general, I’d say this nuclear radiation stuff is overstated by a lot. I don’t think if there was a nuclear war, it would be like the Fallout games. Hiroshima has negligibly higher cancer rates than other cities, and this whole “nuclear winter” bullshit is just made up.

There was a lot of hype during the Cold War, because both sides were telling their populations that war would “annihilate all life on earth.” It was a mutually assured hoax. So everything related to “nuclear” has a lot of hype.

The global warmers are also attacking nuclear because it destroys their very profitable windmill scam.

But I’ll always side against the sneaky Japs.