Japan: Tokyo Marathon to Add “Non-Binary” on the Registration Form

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet – “non-binary” means “ugly woman” or “effeminate man” depending on whether the mental defective in question is a man or a woman.

Japan Times:

Organizers for the Tokyo Marathon will add a nonbinary option for runners to choose when they pick their gender in the registration process for next year’s race, following in the path of other major marathon events.

“We aim to create a more inclusive society through Tokyo Marathon 2025, and will promote sustainability efforts aimed at creating a warm and friendly event that takes into consideration people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ (sexual minorities) in particular,” the organizer Tokyo Marathon Foundation said in a statement on Monday, following a board meeting.

Other races in the Abbott World Marathon Majors series — the world’s six largest marathons held in Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York City and Tokyo — have already included a nonbinary checkbox in the registration form.

Applicants for the general entry category will be able to choose from male, female and nonbinary for Tokyo Marathon 2025, to be held on March 2. Applicants can register for general entry from Aug. 16 to 30, and participants will be announced on Sep. 20 based on lottery results.

The organizer, which has been receiving advice from Pride House Tokyo since 2019 to promote diversity in sports events, will provide changing rooms and nongender specific toilets that are open to all.

I don’t speak Jap, but as far as I could tell this thing’s two biggest financial sponsors are Coca-Cola and the Japanese branch of Accenture

It will also allow entry on a trial basis of a “duo team,” or two runners running as a team with one runner pushing a buggy carrying another teammate who has difficulty running on their own due to cerebral palsy or other health conditions.

Nippon has fallen.

It’s so over.