Skin Absorbs Toxic Chemicals from Everyday Products at Levels Higher Than Previously Thought

They just didn’t know, you see.

They were busy researching you know, tranny injections and vaccines.

You know, the stuff that really helps people.

The Guardian:

New research “for the first time proves” toxic PFAS forever chemicals are absorbed through human skin, and at levels much higher than previously thought.

Though modeling and research has suggested the dangerous chemicals are absorbed through skin, University of Birmingham researchers say they used lab-grown tissue that mimics human skin to determine how much of a dose of PFAS compounds can be absorbed.

The paper shows “uptake through the skin could be a significant source of exposure to these harmful chemicals”, said lead author Oddný Ragnarsdóttir.

Researchers applied samples of 17 different PFAS compounds to the three-dimensional tissue model and were able to measure the proportion of the chemicals that were absorbed.

The skin took in “substantial” amounts of 15 PFAS, including 13.5% of PFOA, one of the most toxic and common kinds of the chemical. The skin absorbed a further 38% of the PFOA dose with a longer application. US regulators have found that virtually no level of exposure to PFOA in drinking water is safe.

PFOA is a relatively larger compound, and smaller “short-chain” PFAS that industry now more commonly produces and claims are safer were absorbed at higher levels – up to nearly 60% of one short chain compound dose was absorbed by the skin.

This is important because we see a shift in industry towards chemicals with shorter chain lengths because these are believed to be less toxic – however the trade-off might be that we absorb more of them, so we need to know more about the risks involved,” said study co-author Stuart Harrad.

Obviously, there is no money in this research. It’s hard to believe it’s getting done at all.

It’s only a very small EU grant that slipped through.

None of it is really done in America. There is a lot of money in tranny shots and surgeries. Pfizer made trillions on that stupid virus hoax.

All of this global warming gibberish is ultra-profitable, with everyone in Congress invested in these soul-destroying windmill companies.

If this research money was distributed equally (and I know that doesn’t make sense in practice, but in theory, if it were), PFAS and other petrochemicals would be considered the biggest crisis in history, as they threaten not only to give people weird diseases and make them infertile, but to fundamentally change and mutate humans and all other lifeforms on earth.

This is not an exaggeration.

Go look at videos of people in the 1980s or 1990s.

They are like a different species.

We are being mutated.

In terms of avoiding this stuff – MOVE OUT OF THE CITY.

Some of this stuff about like, your raincoat – they are constantly talking about raincoats – I don’t know if wearing a raincoat is a huge deal. I have no idea. I think the material is hard on the rain coat, I don’t think it’s rubbing off on you. But I have no idea.

The number one insane consumer issue is women putting these cosmetics on their faces. This is just – it’s a kind of atrocity that this has been allowed to happen. Not only because it is going into their skin, but because there is just so much of it that they wash off into the water.

But most of this comes from industrial waste. That’s where the majority of it comes from. Not from the raincoat, but from the raincoat factory. And basically every other factory. And then in the disposal of these products.

But it’s just everything that is shedding these chemicals everywhere all the time, and we are drinking them, eating them, absorbing them through our skin.

Living on a farm with as much natural food as possible is the way to go.

You can build a farm on an acre, by the way.

So don’t lie to yourself and say you can’t afford it. Unless you’re a real broke ass nigga, you can afford it. It’s a lot cheaper than living in a condo or a house in the suburbs. It’s cheaper than living in Brooklyn with four roommates.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.