Japan’s Declining Population and Global Sinoization

It’s a tired talking point at this point, but: in white countries, the government/media was telling everyone to have fewer kids because of global cooling or the ozone hole or whatever (this was pre-global warming), and then when people did that they came out and said “well, you people aren’t having enough kids, so we’re going to have to flood you with poor brown people.”

In Japan, they don’t have Jews and they frankly don’t really even have feminism. They have women working, but they’re polite and men are still in charge of everything.

Actually, Japan appears to have sunk into a kind of national depression as a result of the development of technological society, in particular urbanization (pornography and the infantilization of men have also had a big effect on the sexuality of men).


Japanese Prime minister Fumio Kishida pledged on Monday to take urgent steps to tackle the country’s declining birth rate, saying it was “now or never” for one of the world’s oldest societies.

Japan has in recent years been trying to encourage its people to have more children with promises of cash bonuses and better benefits, but it remains one of the most expensive places in the world to raise a child, according to surveys.

Births plunged to a new record low last year, according to official estimates, dropping below 800,000 for the first time – a watershed moment that came eight years earlier than the government had expected.

That most likely precipitated a further population decline in a country where the median age is 49, the highest in the world behind only the tiny city-state of Monaco.

Our nation is on the cusp of whether it can maintain its societal functions,” Kishida said in a policy speech at the opening of this year’s parliamentary session.

It is now or never when it comes to policies regarding births and child-rearing – it is an issue that simply cannot wait any longer,” he added.

This doesn’t work. You can’t change a society on a fundamental level with tired warnings of a vague future consequence.

Honest social scientists could presumably go in and figure out the mechanisms creating this nightmare and the state could then probably make changes to fix it, but it would take generations, and the problem is they don’t have generations.

Realistically, however, in terms of basic logistics, should be possible for Japan to simply downsize. It’s not like there are zero children. In fact, the generation of children they have now, small as it is, is still bigger than any generation 100 years ago.

The problem is always presented as “someone has to pay for the old people,” but that is an exaggerated problem. It can be figured out. The real problem is that a modern economy is not designed to ever shrink, and trying to shrink it would cause a catastrophic failure.

With regards to the mechanics of how abundance combined with crowding affects the psyche, it’s worth taking another look at John Calhoun’s Mouse Utopia experiment. When mice were given unlimited food in a limited space, they became neurotic and developed bizarre sexual practices, eventually becoming lazy and depressed and refusing to breed.

This is know as “The Behavioral Sink.”

This seems to be a natural and fundamental thing that happens with humans in urban environments. Although the book was paperback tripe, there were some interesting insights about this phenomenon in J.G. Ballard’s “High-Rise.” The book, which I had the grave misfortune of reading recently, portrayed the alienation and sexual dysfunction that goes along with luxurious crowdedness in an accurate way, but then showed it devolving into primitive violence. The problem is that this doesn’t happen. If urban dehumanization resulted in a reversion to primitive violence, the thing would solve itself. It leads to despondence, self-loathing, and personal surrender.

It’s not clear why this doesn’t happen everywhere, or at least doesn’t happen to the same extent. New York has been rich and overcrowded for more than a century, and the population has only recently surrendered to fate. The simplest explanation is that certain societies are able to overcome these negative effects of abundance combined with limited space with positive cultural momentum.

The White Left to the Rescue

The White Left is of course calling for Japan to be flooded with apes from the Southlands, as is their prerogative.

A BBC article from a few days ago titled “Japan was the future but it’s stuck in the past” says:

I remember sitting in a village hall on the Boso Peninsula on the far side of Tokyo Bay. I was there because the village was listed as endangered, one of 900 in Japan. The old men gathered in the hall were concerned. Since the 1970s they had watched young people leave for jobs in cities. Of the 60 left, there was only one teenager and no children.

“Who will look after our graves when we are gone?” one elderly gentleman lamented. Taking care of the spirits is serious business in Japan.

But to me, a native of south-east England, the death of this village seemed absurd. It was surrounded by picture postcard rice paddies and hills covered in dense forest. Tokyo was less than two hours’ drive away.

“This is such a beautiful place,” I said to them. “I’m sure lots of people would love to live here. How would you feel if I brought my family to live here?

The air in the room went still. The men looked at each other in silent embarrassment. Then one cleared his throat and spoke, with a worried look on his face: “Well, you would need to learn our way of life. It wouldn’t be easy.”

The village was on the path to extinction, yet the thought of it being invaded by “outsiders” was somehow worse.

These people are so exhausting.

When they go and spew this gibberish to Asians, it’s not even processed. Asians can’t grasp the suicidal nature of white people.

China is starting to do a little bit better with the birthrate thing. China unfortunately did the “one child policy,” which everyone now sees as a misstep. Chinese are much less depressed than the Japanese, but still very big into the whole ancestors thing.

The problem in China, like everywhere else, is that women are stupid whores and cannot be reasoned with. However, because China is not a Jewed-up democracy, they can just ban all feminist propaganda and start cutting off other avenues for sluts.

I think in the end, China will figure it out and Japan won’t. Assuming there isn’t going to be a catastrophic world war (which would be a silly assumption at this point), China is just going to start buying up property in Japan as the Japanese don’t have the ability to fill it up and Chinese people will just start taking over the country. Japanese women will marry Chinese men, and vice-versa, and over a generation or two, Chinese language and culture will become the dominant identity of Japan.

The Chinese are already doing this all throughout Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and even Bangkok are becoming Chinese. They started with tourist areas, where they set up tourist spots for the Chinese middle class. Chinese businesspeople move in to serve Chinese customers, and progressively, the population becomes sinoized. This also happens with the various trade cities on the Belt and Road Initiative. But now the big cities are sinoizing.

It’s a fascinating situation. You have some inner-marriage in these places, but you also have the fact that the Chinese have money, so people want to teach their kids Chinese. If you learn the language from an early age, you’re familiar with the culture and thought, and generally friendly to it.

The Chinese Threat Isn’t Actually a Threat

The Chinese are not looking for a war. It is so ridiculous when you see these dumb boomers and sinophobes like Tucker Carlson (“anal marriage” supporter, by the way) talking about how China is planning some great violent struggle.

The Chinese world domination plot is not really a plot, and it definitely is not a military agenda. They are doing sinoization. It’s a non-violent process of spreading outward from China across Asia, and to a much lesser extent, elsewhere.

There are a few funny things going on with some of the Chinese businesspeople in Africa.

But in general, there isn’t a drive to mix with non-Asians.

Mixing with non-Chinese Asians, however, is now becoming widely accepted in China. It’s still not the preference, but it is accepted – especially outside of China in the places they are moving into.

It’s not clear that it’s a conscious goal. It’s something that’s being observed by the intelligentsia in China, and is viewed as positive. But I don’t think it’s necessarily a plan as much it is just something that is happening. All of Asia will become Chinese, and in white countries and then Africa and Latin America, they will build their outposts for trade purposes while progressively buying up land.

The thing about this, and why the conservative narrative (a reach-around for the neocon Democrats) is so dumb is that they are not going to force anyone to do anything. If whites just minded their own business, and also didn’t sell property to the Chinese and did more fair trade agreements, the Chinese would not try to invade or do anything else other than shrewd deals.

The Chinese are on average timid people who do not like confrontation, and they are not especially mean-spirited. They don’t necessarily like or dislike white people, because they don’t understand them. Really, it’s a non-issue, and the Chinese will engage or not engage as much as we want to when it comes to business. In terms of violent conflict – the US military has surrounded China completely, they are occupying internationally recognized Chinese territory, and China just keeps saying “please just try to be more polite, sirs.”

Portraying China as a military threat is not only dumb, it is goofy.

They are a threat in terms of business, but only if we’re talking about the global market, and I think the American ideal should be – and used to be – that we welcome competition on the world stage when it comes to trade. The stakes of global economic competition are not exactly existential in the way that this proposed world war is.

The obvious thing for America to do if they care about America is to give China back Taiwan in exchange for trade concessions. It’s really simple.

If you actually cared about the Taiwan system of government (I don’t believe anyone actually does, but if you did), you could just include a “One Country, Two Systems” deal in agreement to surrender the island. China would honor that – they already did in Hong Kong up until the point that the US sent in trained agitators to pay homosexuals to do violent riots burning down malls. And even after that, they didn’t actually change the Hong Kong system significantly, they just went in and cleaned up some of the mess created by US intelligence and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED, which is basically an intelligence agency that just operates totally publicly).

It’s all very simple, so I don’t believe that anyone who has a basic level of intelligence who claims not to understand it is being honest.

There are obviously problems and challenges with a nonwhite superpower rising in the East. This has never happened before. No one can say it’s not something to be taken seriously. But the way the US is approaching it is stupid and self-destructive. The current US (and now NATO, despite the geographic contradiction there) policy towards China demonstrates a dangerous mix of hubris, confusion, and blind maliciousness.

What we have is a situation where the US has lost the ability to compete on the economic or cultural front, and so insists on framing the conflict with China as fundamentally violent in nature. They are intent on making it violent, despite China’s attempt to avoid this.

Japan and China are very different by the standards of someone who understands East Asia, but for the average Westerner, the two cultures are more or less indistinguishable. (This would be especially true if you were to compare Singapore, the refined version of China, to Japan.) The one distinction anyone can see is that the Chinese have maintained vigor, while the Japanese have become impotent, both physically and spiritually. If left to their own devices, Japan will decline as China rises. Such is the way of human history.

Americans should stay out of other people’s business.