Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance Goes Full Retard with Pro-Holohoax, Anti-Gaza Article

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2014

Haven't you heard the news, goyim?  Jews are White people!
Haven’t you heard the news, goyim? Jews are White people!

Though it pains me to draw attention to the utter failure of an organization which presents itself as pro-European, I must comment on a recent article published by Jerad Taylor’s American Renaissance, which goes far and beyond the limits of what can be considered reasonable.

The article, written by Brett Stevens and entitled “Gaza Everywhere,” asserts that the Israelis were in the right to slaughter thousands in Gaza, and that no one should question them because the Evil Adolf Hitler tried to genocide them with death gas in wooden chambers.


Many Western liberals see a group of poor people confronting relatively wealthy people, and using the logic of the French Revolution, assume that the rich oppress the poor. They accuse the victims of genocide during the Second World War of committing genocide when they defend themselves from poorer, browner Third-World people.

How can these Western liberals possibly question a people which was almost entirely turned into soap by the evil Nazis?

Ah, for you see, this is exactly the same as the situation with Mexico and America.

Our dilemma in the United States is like that of Israel. The American remnant, a First World population, faces waves of Third World people claiming the right to live among us. They cannot adopt First World standards but will, if admitted in large numbers, reproduce the Third World, effectively destroying the First World nation that is their host. What had been a civilization becomes a warlord-dominated, individualistic/emotional, corrupt and disordered society. Most advanced nations face the same choice Israel does, but instead of fighting back, allow the Third World to pour across their borders.

Because, you see goyim, Jews locking third world people in a concentration camp and then slaughtering them like pigs while they have no ability to defend themselves is the exact same thing as Jews allowing millions of immigrants into your country. Somehow.

Wait though. No, this isn’t right, I don’t think. Palestinians are not immigrating to Israel, Israelis are immigrating to Palestine. And Israel’s government has an openly racial policy of keeping the purity of the Israeli nation. For this analogy to work, we would have to lock the Mexicans out of the US, and then start murdering Mexicans with air strikes.

This is not what is happening. And thus the only similarities here are that Gazans are brown and so are the Mexicans.

Meaning this article makes absolutely no basic sense, whatsoever, and seems to serve the sole purpose of apologizing for the Jews while attempting to make White racialists feel sorry for these poor, helpless Jews, who are just like us.

No dice, AmRen. This is complete tripe, and Jared Taylor should publicly apologize for publishing it. I feel about 3 tiers stupider having read it, its retardedness so vile and deranged.

I want to like Jared Taylor. I do. And I want to leave open the option that he is confused, and may at some point come around. Though it does appear that if he was going to come around, he would have already.

And so, though I salute Taylor and AmRen for the good work they have done, their continued apologies for the Jewish parasite, their endless attempts to make-out that Jews are somehow White people – both exemplified by the article in question – cause me to categorically reject AmRen as a force for good in the White movement.

Defaming Adolf Hitler – the one man who stood up for White rights – and pushing the idiotic Jew lie of the Holohoax doesn’t help much either, Jer.

It is the Jews who have flooded us with these hordes, and as long as we are being Jewed, we are not going to be able to break out of this freefall into third world hell.