Jew Accused of “Inviting Genocide” for Proposing That Israel Do the Diversity Thing

Do-gooder Jew Peter Beinart has recently attracted the ire of global Jewry. For the last week, the Jewish press has been filled with attacks on him. What was his offense? To propose for Israel the same multicultural model Jews impose on every white nation.

Beinart penned an article in the New York Times calling for a multi-ethnic, multi-religious Israel in which Jews and Arabs would live together as one, with Diversity as its Strength.

New York Times:

Israel has all but made its decision: one country that includes millions of Palestinians who lack basic rights. Now liberal Zionists must make our decision, too. It’s time to abandon the traditional two-state solution and embrace the goal of equal rights for Jews and Palestinians. It’s time to imagine a Jewish home that is not a Jewish state.

Equality could come in the form of one state that includes Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, as writers such as Yousef Munayyer and Edward Said have proposed; or it could be a confederation that allows free movement between two deeply integrated countries.

Israel-Palestine can be a Jewish home that is also, equally, a Palestinian home. And building that home can bring liberation not just for Palestinians but for us, too.

This immediately provoked hysterical criticism of Beinart throughout the Judenpresse.

Epstein protector Alan Dershowitz, the world’s greatest expert at pretending to be a great lawyer on TV, even went so far as to accuse Beinart of inviting genocide.


If Israel were to end its existence as the nation-state of the Jewish people—as Beinart advocates—and become a Jewish “homeland” in a single bi-national, bi-religious state, a demographic war would become inevitable, in which Jews and Muslims would compete to become a majority. As soon as a Muslim majority materialized, the Jewish “homeland” would become precisely the kind of “Bantustan” that Beinart has railed against in the context of South Africa. The Jewish minority would be ruled by the Muslim majority, even if it were given some degree of autonomy. Their protection would be largely in the hands of the Muslim majority, many of whom believe there is no place for a Jewish entity anywhere in the region.

It was precisely this fear that led to the creation of political Zionism in the 19th century. Theodor Herzl and others experienced the antisemitism of Europe and the inability of the Jewish minority there to protect itself against pogroms and discrimination. Placing the safety of Israel’s Jewish population in the hands of a potentially hostile Muslim majority would be an invitation to possible genocide.

Of course Dershowitz is, in this instance, correct. But the point he makes is exactly the same point we “white supremacists” make when we warn of the demographic engulfment of white people. And when we do so we are called evil crazies and conspiracy theorists. By the very same people now attacking Beinart.

There really is no limit to the monstrous hypocrisy of the Jew.