Jew Gets Souped in Latest “Low-Intensity Pogrom” Event

I coined the term “low-intensity pogrom.”

It’s based on “low-intensity warfare,” a piece of US military jargon I first heard in relation to the situation in southern Philippines (where I was living at the time). There were sometimes Islamic (and even communist) shooting events, or kidnappings, or whatever, but although there were military on the streets in villages in Cotabato, it is not to the level of a war.

A “pogrom” is a spontaneous (or apparently spontaneous) type of riot aimed at an ethno-religious group, generally Jews.

I think it’s a good term to describe the kind of simmering hatred of the Jews that is occasionally developing into open aggression and viral videos.

New York Post:

An angry young woman attempted to tear down an Israel/US flag at an Upper East Side kosher restaurant before hurling soup at an employee, flipping them off, and disappearing into the night, according to a disturbing video.

The “Soup Nazi” shouted “You are all Murderers!” as she also flipped over tables and chairs, police said.

The twisted antisemitic tirade unfolded at 9:45 p.m. Wednesday at the Hummus Kitchen on Second Avenue, between 83rd and 84th streets, when the well-dressed blonde walked in and without provocation tried to take down an Israel-US flag standing in the doorway, police and employees said.

A 45-second video shows a worker calling cops amid the chaos as the vandal tries, but fails, to pull down the banner.

“He’s inside, he’s like inside of our awning. It’s a woman actually. She’s pulling it [the flag] down. She’s leaving, but she’s throwing all the chairs. She’s crazy,” the employee says.

The blonde bigot didn’t run from the camera but actually hammed it up.

“Record me, bitch! Recording me?” the smiling woman says in another 25-second clip before flipping the middle finger and placing her hand beneath her chin to proclaim, “I’m cute, right?”

She then opens a container of soup she was holding and tosses the contents at an employee who is out of the frame.

A man’s voice shouts, “Hey!” followed by the voice of a woman, taunting the brazen bigot with “Smile bitch!” as the offender walks away, middle finger in the air.

A video of the ugly episode was posted to X, where it has garnered more than 1 million views.

The woman is obviously drunk.

Would people be trying to hunt her down and destroy her life if there were not Jews involved, I wonder? What if she had done it to a white man who had commented on her ass? You think she’d be hunted down? Thinking not. Definitely thinking no.

Women are allowed to do anything except have sex with high school boys and stand with Palestine.

But why is there such a thing as a “Israel/US flag”?

It’s such a jarring image.

It obviously means that America stands with Israel, which brings us once again to the ever-present question of why Jews are allowed to come to the US and then make policy relating to their own country (it seems totally absurd on its face, and when it is so clearly against public interest and the public sentiment, it becomes even more bizarre that no one is saying anything about it).

Joe Biden needs to explain why America stands with Israel.

If the answer is “because of the Holocaust,” then he needs to give a speech outlining why the Holocaust means that US public funds are used to support Israel murdering children.

As a pretty basic matter, a government of a country is supposed to act in the interests of that country. Alliances are beneficial for both countries. Military alliances, especially, are not a charity effort.

It is an extraordinary circumstance that the US is supporting such a brutal mass-murder campaign when support for that war is so obviously against the most basic interests of the American people. It requires an extraordinary explanation, and yet we have no explanation, at all.

The closest thing to an explanation were statements by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who went to Israel after the October 7 event and said “I come to you as a Jew.”