“Jewface” Rampant: Jewry has Been Infiltrated by Neo-Nazis

Daily Stormer
August 25, 2019

Hello my fellow Jews, Rabbi Jacob Lugenhaufen here. It is my sad duty to have to warn you that the neo-Nazis have once again found a way to persecute their favorite foes, us. Going around wearing “Jewface,” they pretend to be part of our tribe, all to stir up hatred against us!

New York Times:

…several people — friends, acquaintances, fellow synagogue members — had texted me the same disturbing image: It was a Twitter profile with the name “David Goldberg.” The bio read: “Orthodox Jew against the apartheid state of Israel.” But the photograph was of my Jerusalem-born husband, Benjamin.

Staring at the image on my phone, an image of a large “Boycott Israel” sign behind my husband’s photo, I wondered about the country I had just returned to. As I scrolled through the troll’s account, reading the tweets denying the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland next to a photograph of my husband’s face, the sense of violation was no less than if someone in France had shouted “Juif!” at us on the street.

Benjamin’s photo was not the only one stolen. The identity theft was part of a larger scheme that had been organized on 4chan, the notorious online forum where white supremacists reign. Dozens of Jews from diverse backgrounds were affected. Among them: a Chabad-affiliated rabbi, Mendel Kaplan; Josh Goldberg, a Reform cantor in Los Angeles; and Hen Mazzig, a Mizrahi Israeli gay activist. (All of these have since been removed. Who knows if others still lurk?)

“We must create a massive movement of fake Jewish profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.,” an anonymous user posted. “Since Jews shapeshift into whites anytime they want, we can do the same to them.” A slew of profiles began to appear on social media, most posing as Orthodox Jews promoting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content.

In other words, these avatars with fringe views were created with the express purpose of stoking ferocious fighting within the Jewish community by highlighting its most sensitive topics: Israel, Donald Trump and anti-Zionist Jews.

The 4chan user behind the movement made this entirely clear: The intention, he wrote, was to “subvert Jews themselves.” His goal was to “create infighting as righty Jews will accuse lefty Jews of being fake profiles. This creates more division.” The post advised readers how best to stir the pot: “You also have the benefit of labeling anyone an anti-Semite who disagrees with you. Use this to your advantage.”

Despite what our paper the New York Times says, I believe this “neo-Nazi” conspiracy has much deeper historical roots than a “4chan plot” concocted a few days ago.

The neo-Nazis have infiltrated the media, pretending to be Jews; they write columns for every major newspaper; they have formed notionally Jewish organizations and claim to speak in our name. From positions in the public eye, they advocate controversial policies designed to stir up hatred against Jews. By arguing for open borders immigration, by stigmatizing normal family structures, healthy heterosexual relationships and the natural pride of the majority population in the achievements of their European ancestors, these fake Jews are trying to bring down the wrath of the goyim upon us!

What other explanation can there be?

The organizations that claim to represent us are, in fact, secretly scheming against us. Look at the so-called Anti-Defamation League that purports to speak for Jews when attaching its name to every far-left, fringe, anti-free-speech, anti-white position in the political spectrum! “Jonathan Greenblatt,” the so-called Jew who heads up this sinister outfit, is an obvious neo-Nazi who wants to stir up the hatred of whites against us! Does anyone in their right mind believe that ordinary, decent Jews would select as their champion an organization explicitly founded to a defend a convicted rapist and murderer, an organization whose very name attacks the core American value of free speech, an organization whose secret purpose can only be to defame and discredit Jews?

But the strategy may have been in effect for much longer, perhaps for hundreds or thousands of years. The Amalekites, for I believe it is they, have been masquerading as their mortal enemies, we Jews, engaging in every manner of outrageous and provocative behavior calculated to inspire ill feeling against us!

In the early 20th century, these pseudo-Jews posing as Communists, massacred millions of innocent gentiles, stirring up the hatred of the world against the Jew and conjuring forth the Evil One who murdered 6 billion of us in his camps (as you know I was in 18 different camps and 7 different gas chambers, only escaping because the inefficient Germans ran out of gas!) In the 7th century, the fake Jews took the Persian side against the Christians; in the 8th, they let the Moslems into Spain; and in the centuries to come, they betrayed Greek Christians to the Ottomans! The hatred of the Amalekites has tracked us through the ages, as they practiced treachery, usury and ritual murder, all in a bid to discredit the Jew! Their scheming has now made the very name of “Jew” a byword and a reproach! When will their hatred end?