Jewish Media Admits “Ukraine” Bombed Russia, Shrugs It Off

I’m old enough to remember when Joe Biden said he wouldn’t send the Ukraine long range missiles unless he secured guarantees that they wouldn’t attack Russia.

They’ve been attacking Russia this whole time, but launching a major strike 300 miles past the border is new.

The media is acting like it ain’t no big thang.

This language is incomprehensible.

They’re reporting it as if it’s just business as usual, despite the fact that nothing like this has happened since World War II.

New York Times:

Ukraine executed its most brazen attack into Russian territory in the nine-month-old war on Monday, targeting two military bases hundreds of miles inside the country using drones, according to the Russian defense ministry and a senior Ukrainian official.

The drones were launched from Ukrainian territory, and at least one of the strikes was made with the help of special forces close to the base who helped guide the drones to the target, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity to convey sensitive information.

Those would have been American Special Forces, we’d have to assume.

The Americans have admitted to helping the Ukraine with their drone targeting.

The strikes signaled a new willingness by Kyiv to take the fight to bases in the heart of Russia, raising the stakes in the war, and demonstrated an improved ability to attack at a distance. Shortly after the attacks on the bases, Russia sent a barrage of missiles streaking toward Ukrainian cities.

The Kremlin said that the weapons launched by Ukraine were Soviet-era jet drones and were aimed at bases in Ryazan and Engels, about 300 miles from the Ukrainian border. It said that its forces had intercepted the drones, and that “the fall and explosion of the wreckage” had “slightly damaged” two planes, killing three servicemen and wounding four others.

It is so painfully obvious that we are on the brink of a third world war that no one could really deny it. The attitude from the media is just to act like it’s inevitable and also no big deal.

Maybe it’s also good, actually, because we are promoting so-called “gay sex” (to be clear, it is actually scientifically impossible to have “sex” with a man’s asshole).

This cheerleader attitude towards mass death is particularly concerning. We saw this during the Iraq War, but that was ostensibly revenge for 911. That was understandable. With the Ukraine war, they are cheerleading the mass death of Ukraine people as much as that of Russians – even more, in fact, given that more Ukrainians are dying.

The transgendered mascot of the Ukraine war machine will be speaking before Congress today.

He is a virulent extremist, cheering poor Ukraine people marching off to death in order to secure homosexual child molestation rights in the Donbass. He’s a good spokesperson for the agenda, I think. It is a very deranged agenda.

These lunatics laugh at you if you suggest we should consider peace.

Sometimes I wonder: what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?