Jewish Media Claiming Chinese Protesting with English Language Signs (No Evidence)

Every Jew account on Twitter, and now every Jew media outlet, is claiming there are mass protests in China.

One of the most popular tweets is coming from that “Visegrad” account that represents a coalition of countries trying to overthrow Russia:

Of course “Visegrad” wants to overthrow China as well – they just want Jews to control everything.

Various US-backed overseas Chinese are posting these clips.

And many Jews.

Originally, when I saw these on Saturday, I thought it was all just fake. Like, these are older videos from unrelated protests, or they’re small protests only in Xinjiang, or they’ve faked the videos completely. Chinese media is not reporting about any of it yet, so it just seemed fake.

Having looked into it a bit more, there do seem to be anti-lockdown protests in various places. However, I do not believe anyone is shouting “down with the Chinese communist party, down with Xi Jinping.” There is no evidence of this, and it just really isn’t believable at all.

That said, anti-lockdown protests are believable. The restrictions are actually not everywhere in China, but they are in several of the most densely populated areas. It’s hard to grasp just how big of a country China is – it’s more than 4 times the size of the US – so very different things can be happening in different parts of the country.

I am a big supporter of China, while also not being a big supporter of coronavirus restrictions in general – but I am definitely more pro-China than I am anti-restriction. I don’t believe that anyone who makes a point to attack China is anything other than a bad actor, and these people, whether it is the Jews or scum Polacks, have an agenda that is not based on the truth.

Unlike the United States and other democracies, China is a country that has a system to respond to protests by changing policy.

So if these protests were on a scale that is relevant – and there is no evidence of that right now, all we’ve seen is very small protests in these unconfirmed videos – then the Chinese government will respond.

What these tweets are saying (the news articles are all based around the tweets) is that people are holding up blank sheets of paper and complaining that there is too much censorship of complaints about lockdowns on social media. They’re claiming that people are complaining that their posts criticizing the lockdown are getting deleted, basically.

I can’t read Chinese, so I do not know how much lockdown complaints are being censored on Chinese social media. What I will say is that there is literally nothing more offensive in the world to me, as the most censored person ever in history, than seeing the American media whine about censorship in China. Censorship in China does not even begin to approach the level of censorship in America, and to have the Jews complaining about censorship of coronavirus dissent is just too much. As we all know, the censorship of coronavirus dissent on American social media was the single biggest censorship project ever (at the time – censorship of the Ukraine war truth was even more extreme).

The fact that the Western media will go out there and say “China is really bad for censoring” makes the whole thing unbelievable. What’s more, you should understand that any talk about anything in China by the Jews is about attempting to destroy China. They are never going to report any of this in an objective way, and they will just lie about absolutely anything in order to push their agenda to overthrow the government of China and install a full-anal democracy.

China just won very big with the elections in Taiwan. There is nothing “big brewing,” as the shit-eating Polack scum claims. Maybe they will recalibrate on the coronavirus stuff. If there are any protests at all, that gives the CIA an in to start agitating for regime change, and there is no reason to take that risk over a fake pandemic.

However, I would advise everyone to be extremely skeptical of any claims coming from the Jews about what is going on in China.

Please compare the above protests to the protests in Pakistan to reinstate the pro-China leader Imran Khan: