Jewish Occupation Government Lashing Out – Insidious and Malicious Bafflement – Weird Happenings to Follow

Merrick Garfinkel, attorney at law and Jew overlord, released this image of Donald Trump stealing documents from the White House. The FBI was allegedly chasing him around, but couldn’t figure out what room he was in as he moved through the house setting up traps.

Could anyone possibly believe anything they say after they refused to allow Trump’s lawyers to watch the search?

It’s just absurd on that level, without getting into how unprecedented and maniacal it is to raid the family home of the opposition leader over a technicality.


The Justice Department removed 11 sets of classified documents from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence while executing a search warrant this week for possible violations of the Espionage Act and other crimes, according to court documents unsealed and released on Friday.

The property receipt, which was also released on Friday, for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home shows that some of the materials recovered were marked as “top secret/SCI” — one of the highest levels of classification.

The search warrant identifies three federal crimes that the Justice Department is looking at as part of its investigation: violations of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice and criminal handling of government records. The inclusion of the crimes indicates the Justice Department has probable cause to investigate those offenses as it was gathering evidence in the search. No one has been charged with a crime at this time.

The warrant receipt didn’t detail the subject of these classified documents but did note that federal agents seized just one set marked “top secret/SCI.”

Okay, so, let me tell you why this is necessarily bullshit, regardless of whether the documents are real or not:

  • The last time Trump was in the White House, he was still president. He left before Brandon’s inauguration.
  • The president is the commander-in-chief, and therefore decides what is or is not “classified.”
  • By the act of taking the documents out of the White House, he would be declassifying them. That is to say: it is impossible for the president to steal classified documents, because they would automatically, by his authority, become declassified when he took them out of a classified setting.

So, very simply, the entire core concept here is necessarily bullshit.

Again: even if it wasn’t bullshit, it would still be insane to raid the opposition’s house. Especially without even requesting that he turn over the documents. But it is just complete bullshit, and any legitimate judge would rule that it is not possible for the commander-in-chief to engage in espionage against himself.

Of course, there is no precedent for this, because no one ever thought of doing what this Jew government did this week. “Unprecedented” means that there is no precedent. So there would technically have to be a ruling that the commander-in-chief can’t do espionage against himself, but it is so obvious based on the rules as they are that the judge who issued this warrant should be arrested.

The fact that they are doing this in the first place means that something else much bigger is coming. They are probably going to indict Trump. They can indict him faster than he can get a judge to hear a suit that it is impossible for the sitting president to do espionage against himself. Something this consequential would have to go to the Supreme Court. So they can indict him and make it take forever.

Most likely, if they’re indicting Trump, there are going to be mass arrests of Trump supporters. I’m not trying to make anyone panic or anything, but that is definitely the most likely thing that would happen, assuming things unfold as they are appearing to be intended to unfold.

But this Brandon-Jew government is so bizarrely incompetent and dysfunctional that you can’t really make predictions with any accuracy. I understand that now. I predicted that they would not let go of Covid, and my prediction was correct based on basic game theory, but these people acted against their own interests by ditching Covid because they wanted people to focus on a war with Russia, which was also against their own interests.

So if you can’t rely on the basic premise of game theory – that rational agents will act in their own best interest – then everything is basically random.

Probably, those Psalms about God sending confusion upon evil men are what we’re looking at here. These people running things just appear totally befuddled. However, they are also extremely malicious. We are seeing unhinged Jewish sadism unleashed.

Basically, anything could happen. But I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t do something totally insane before the midterms, unless they were pressured into thinking doing something insane before the midterms would hurt them in the midterms. Raiding Trump obviously hurt them in the midterms already.

We also have no ability to measure just how much fraud they will be able to commit in various states. “Preventing the House and Senate from flipping” is a lot different than hoaxing a Presidential election, and I just sort of doubt that they are organized enough to fix hundreds of elections.

In real life, I think Trump got something like 65% of the actual votes by real people, who were not senile old folks or already dead. The situation is much worse now, so if there were fair elections, you’d be looking at a really overwhelming Republican victory. The actual logistics of the fraud are just too complicated.

Of course, you’re not allowed to talk about fraud on the internet at all, so I guess there is nothing to prevent them from just shutting down the polls and bringing in new votes. That recent Joe Kent race took like a week and a half, for literally no reason. So they’ve normalized dragging these elections out, and maybe they can just do total fraud. I don’t know. No one knows.

The other thing is that there could be big Jews who want a Republican majority (or don’t care), because Republicans are pro-war. They had a seriously difficult time rallying people around the war against Russia, and I could see that they would think that would be easier if Republicans held the House or both houses.

Probably, extremist pro-war Jews are currently arguing with extremist political Democrat Jews. Jews who prioritize revenge on Trump are probably arguing with Jews who prioritize revenge on Russia. It’s obvious that there is just abject chaos going on behind the scenes.

So basically, there is a possibility that the Trump raid is some kind of one-off weird event. That does not make any logical sense, but again, we are not dealing with rational agents, so it is impossible to figure anything out.

What is clear is that this cannot go on forever, and it is possible that it can’t even go on through to 2024. This series of events – inflicting hardcore oppression, poverty, and confusion on the domestic population and then trying to start foreign wars with countries that are organized normally – was deranged. Heightening tension with China, drastically, for no reason, was just almost incomprehensible.

Waiting for the Dollar to Collapse

I can make one hard prediction: the pressure that cracks this system is going to come from the outside. No one in America is going to do anything. People will take anything. They took the coronavirus hoax, they are taking child trannies, they will take absolutely anything. The ticking clock is on the dollar as reserve currency. That is something that not even very many right-wingers seem to be acknowledging as the elephant in the room in all of this madness. If the dollar is no longer reserve currency, its value drops somewhere between 85% and 97%, in a dump that basically happens overnight.

I don’t think a dollar collapse would lead to starvation and it probably wouldn’t even lead to significant riots, but it would turn the United States into what it already is by most measures: a third world shithole.

People say to me “well, Anglin – the massive US military would still exist!” But it wouldn’t really. The military requires massive funding to keep functioning, and that funding is going to have to be redirected into keeping people in America from starving and rioting. I mean, if the dollar collapsed, I don’t even know if the entire US government budget would be the size of our current military budget.

I’m not a mathematician or an economist, but I think a dollar implosion would reduce the government’s spending power to less than 20% of their current capacity. I guess they can send 87,000 armed IRS agents to like, loot people’s safes and steal their family jewels to sell to Chinese merchants in Manhattan, but that doesn’t sound like a very good plan. And they’re going to have to do price controls and everything else, and it’s just going to be a gigantic mess. This is while they’ve already defunded the police, and the blacks are going to be running totally buckwild. I think you’ll see Mexican cartels making moves on governing parts of the Southwest, and all kinds of crazy shit.

That’s why I told people to move out of the cities – it’s just going to be total chaos, everywhere.

But the good news is, then you have options. There are possibilities when the US government no longer has the ability to oppress the people, because they don’t have any money. The chances of a foreign invasion are pretty much zero, as there is just no power with that desire and it is basically impossible to invade the United States. Russia might invade and occupy Alaska, just as a flex. But these conservatives who claim China is planning to invade America are just complete retards, and China wouldn’t do that even if it was easy, because that’s just not the way they think. I think China will be exercising influence in America heavily when the dollar goes, because they will be the one holding the bag, but this will be like, buying up resources.

I used to think it was possible that China would support a kind of collaboration government, but after watching them do nothing at all in Burma or Sri Lanka, I think their strategy is 100% hands-off any foreign government (other than basic spying, which is never aimed at actually influencing policy; it’s just intelligence gathering).

It’s pretty obvious that among the white youth, you’re going to see an explosion of religiosity and anti-Semitism. That is kind of already happening.

The collapse of the dollar is also already happening. I don’t mean the inflation – that is happening, but it’s almost unrelated. The real mark is the role of the dollar as global reserve currency. Everyone is in on this, up to and including China, so there is a parallel drive to keep it going, because the collapse will affect everyone’s economy. But the whole world is getting to the point where they’re ready to say that the juice is not worth the squeeze. China, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia are already doing large scale non-dollar trades.

The issue is that all fiat currencies are de facto pegged to the dollar, so in some sense, even non-dollar trade is still dollar trade, as the dollar remains the measure of value of all global currencies. Again, I’m not an economist, and I’m not going to talk out of my ass about how the details of all of this works. But there is going to come a time, sometime relatively soon, where the world economies decide that the United States is so out of control that everyone is willing to take a hit in order to unseat them as world power.

You see Russia trying to tie the ruble to commodities, you see China figuring out the CBDC. This is all part of the process. Everyone is bracing for the impact of the dollar’s fall.

If it happens before 2024, then we’re probably going to get a fair election. This election-rigging stuff is complicated, and a lot of powerful people are going to flee America when things pop off. So, I definitely would not count on that, but it is also not impossible. I do think, probably, the economic collapse will not be so massive that it completely destroys all forms of civil order in America, meaning that I think the electoral process will remain intact.

Basically, what we’re looking at is something more or less exactly like the collapse of the USSR. It’s just going to be a lot worse, because the US is more urbanized, more dependent on confusing and specific technologies, and more filled with the world’s genetic refuse.

Ultimately, it’s exciting. I feel like we’re winning, frankly. I was really despondent during 2020, during the biggest hoax, and then during the election hoax, but the Brandon Administration has proved so utterly incompetent and done so much irreversible damage to the center of the empire that I’m really confident that come 2040, we’re going to be sitting pretty.

I can’t help but view the world in terms of my own life. None of us can help but to do that. I can say that I was born in an okay time when things were headed south (the 1980s) and I will die in a pretty great time, when things are headed up (the 2050s, assuming I’m not assassinated and don’t have a heart attack from people shedding their vax on me). Conversely, boomers were born in a great time when they thought things were going up and will die in the worst possible time, when everything is a total disaster. Everyone gets to experience the ups and downs. I think that was probably true even all the way back in pre-historic caveman days.

It’s like the great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer wrote in his seminal work, The World as Will and Representation: “Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long. If you’re going my way, I want to drive it all night long.”

The only advice I have is this: just chill. It’s fine. Everything is going to be fine. You only have control over your own choices, and that is where you should be focused. Regardless of belief, everyone should understand the wisdom in: “Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

A calm washes over me.