Trump Issues Threat: “I’M COMING AFTER YOU!”

Donald Trump on Friday issued a cryptic threat on “Truth Social,” his goofy website no one reads.

“IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!,” the former president posted in all caps.

It is not clear who he is referring to.

What is clear is that it is simply ridiculous that he is now allowed back on Twitter and is continuing to use “Truth Social.”

It’s really inexplicable, and makes me wonder how seriously Trump is actually taking this situation.

Whoever is running “Truth Social” has blocked entire IP ranges.

The site has a lot of different problems – the primary one being that “alternative social media” is a retarded concept – but the fact that they’ve decided to block entire IP ranges is hard to even fathom.

I’ve never once been able to access the site. I had to use to see that threatening message.

The site is using Cloudflare, meaning there is zero reason to block IPs. Any random Paki from Fiverr could fix this.

That’s not like, a joke or an exaggeration or something. It took me 15 seconds to find a Paki on Fiverr who will fix this issue for $40.

The only possible reason that this is happening on “Truth Social” is that whoever is running it wants the site to be largely inaccessible. There is apparently no one in Trump’s circle who is able to

  • Find out this is happening, and
  • Pay this Pakistani guy $40 to fix it

This whole situation with Trump’s current campaign is a gigantic mess.

Someone is lying to him about the numbers on “Truth Social.”

He’s getting 8 million uniques, which is fewer than Gab.

It’s fewer than I was getting in 2017 before they took my domain, delisted me from search engines, took all my services, forced me to continually switch domains, blocked my links from being shared even in private messages on most social media, took my Cloudflare, and so on.

But I’m still getting more than 25% of his traffic.

I mean, I think I’m the best ever. Of course I think that. But I’ve really, really been through a lot of censorship. And I was never the president of the United States. Donald Trump is the most famous person in the world.

So I mean… he should really be getting more than 4 times my traffic, I think.

What he is doing doesn’t make sense.

He should be on Twitter.

If he has to dump some contract, okay.

Anyway, what it indicates is that he isn’t really trying that hard to become president again, presumably because he knows the election is going to be fake. I assume he is still trying to get the Republican nomination, however, and while he is way ahead, anything could happen.

If I were him, I would be trying.

Furthermore, he is going to go to prison.

I just don’t really understand any of this.

I don’t know who he is threatening, either. I don’t know who he has the ability to “go after.”

He should move to Russia and declare himself president-in-exile.

He’s been to Saint Petersburg. He knows it’s a nice, livable city.

He should have done that in November of 2020, immediately after the election hoax.

But this time if he doesn’t do it, he’s going to prison.

I think if Trump was living in Saint Petersburg, and claiming to be president-in-exile, he would definitely be recognized by Putin as the president of America, as well as by many third world countries. At this point, he would probably be recognized by the Chinese.

This would not only be better for him personally (no prison), it would be much better for America and for the world.

If he was president-in-exile he could start issuing orders, and there are government officials that would follow them. Municipalities all over the country would declare themselves loyal to Trump.

He could bring Colonel MacGregor with him, and declare him Joint Chief, and have him start issuing orders to the armed forces.

Again – this would have made the most sense when I wrote that 2,500-word article explaining it in November of 2020. But it’s still a better idea than what he is doing now.

Right now, he can go to Russia, and announce that his political opposition is trying to put him in prison on trumped-up charges (PUN INTENDED), and run for president, then claim victory again. Putin will immediately recognize him, as would Belarus, El Salvador, Niger, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Syria, and who knows how many others.

I’m not even joking.

This is very obvious.