Jewkraine: Maidan Coup Selling People into Further Debt Slavery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2015

From left: Jewish Prime Minister Petro Poroshenko, Jewish Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitchko, Jewish US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jewish President Arseniy Yatsenyuk. These Nazis couldn't have picked a better bunch of run their revolutionary government.
From left: Jewish Prime Minister Petro Poroshenko, Jewish Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitchko, Jewish US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jewish President Arseniy Yatsenyuk. These Nazis couldn’t have picked a more honest and patriotic bunch to run their revolutionary government.

Those Pravy and Azov Nazis sure did do a great job getting rid of that evil freely elected government and installing these patriotic Jews to run their country.

It’s a shame that so soon after their victory, these patriotic Jews who those Nazis purposefully installed to run their country are now accidentally putting them in debt forever to other Jews from another country.


Despite the grievous state of the Ukrainian economy, the IMF said it will continue to lend money to Ukraine, so Kiev can complete economic restructuring.

“In the event that a negotiated settlement with private creditors is not reached and the country determines that it cannot service its debt, the Fund can lend to Ukraine consistent with its Lending-into-Arrears Policy,” IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said.

Great news. Unlimited loans from the IMF. A system which works every single time.

Every. Single. Time.

The IMF chief’s comments come as Finance Minister Natalia Jaresko and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk wrapped up their promotional trip to US, which also included pleading with the IMF. Kiev hopes to persuade the international lender to release a $1.7-billion tranche of aid in July, as part of a $40-billion aid package that the IMF and Ukraine’s foreign allies have committed to.

Are they themselves referring to the US tour as a “promotional trip,” or is that just RT terminology?

Either way, it’s funny.

Ukraine’s economic program (2015–18) seeks to implement macroeconomic and structural reforms. It’s designed to focus on fiscal consolidation and energy sector reforms as well as the banking system. Kiev hopes to generate $15.3 billion in public sector financing during the program period. Ukrainian authorities also aim to bring public debt to under 71 percent of the country’s GDP by 2020. Finally, the country seeks to gain economic stability by balancing the budget’s gross financing needs to no more than 12 percent of GDP annually in 2019–25.

Yet Kiev’s virtually bankrupt economy can’t make the debt payments, when a $500-million bond matures in September. Upon his return from Washington, Ukraine’s PM threatened to freeze debt repayments if no deal is agreed with private lenders. Kiev claims its military campaign in the east of the country is draining internationally borrowed funds.


“Sorry guys, we’re running out of money – spending too much on murdering civilians to promote gay sex or whatever.”

“Today, Ukraine spends as much on foreign and domestic debt servicing as it does on defense,” Yatsenyuk told a government meeting. “The budget can no longer afford it -and not just the budget. The Ukrainian people can no longer live like this,” he said.

Yes, good strategy, Jew.

When your country is spending most of its money paying off interest on loans, the obvious move is to borrow more money from Jews, which you can then pay back later when your country is highly prosperous as we all know the Ukraine will very soon be.

This same strategy has worked magnificently in Greece, and there is simply no reason it won’t work just as well in the much more poor Ukrainian territories.

We will not take money out of Ukrainians’ pockets to pay foreign debts,” he warned.

The Jew said, while reaching into a Ukrainian’s pocket and handing the wallet over to a Jew banker.

Lagarde seems to agree that Kiev’s “international reserves cannot be used for sovereign debt service without the government incurring new debt, which would be inconsistent with the objectives of the debt operation.”

Yatsenyuk told the politicians that he expects the IMF board to meet in July, “so, all the preliminary conditions have to be agreed and approved by July.”

The Ukraine definitely has a bright future ahead of it under the management of these brilliant Jews who have worked out a strategy to pay interest to Jews by borrowing more money from the same Jews.

When I heard a bunch of Nazis were helping Jews overthrow a government, I admit I was skeptical.

I am currently eating my hat – with extra mustard!