Jews Celebrate Tim Pool for Promoting Debunked Conspiracy Theories About Jews Not Having Power

After future president Ye walked out of a Tim Pool interview because that beanie faggot just kept pushing him, promoting absurd and debunked theories about the absence of Jewish power, Jews are praising him.

The faggot Jew Dave Rubin, who literally kidnapped children to molest and abuse, was among the fans of the kikesucker Pool. The Jew Rubin also attacked Donald Trump.

Imagine a lying Jewish child molester calling someone else a “little rat.”

Remember, this is supposed to be a “conservative Jew.” (He only sticks half his thumb up the butthole of the children he kidnapped.)

Another alleged “conservative Jew” called Viva Frei also lashed out, praising Pool and his virulent Semitic canards.

Jew Dave Smith, who is supposed to be “based,” also lashed out in support of the virulent philosemite Pool.

And get a load of this Jew:

If you publicly state you’re being abused by Jews and you think we need to have a public conversation about it, you’re really just a woke leftist. I don’t even understand what that means. We have texts of a Jew threatening to kidnap and chemically lobotomize Ye. He’s a snowflake for saying it?

Possibly most bizarrely – most Jewish, I should say – of all was the Breitbart Chief Jew Joel Pollak claiming that Ye was never canceled. He “canceled himself” by refusing to sit for another harassment session from yet another virulent philosemite nutjob conspiracy theorist.

Of course, many non-Jews were doing the same thing. I call these Jews “kikesuckers.” It’s like “cocksucker,” except they suck kikes. “Kike” is a word for “Jew” that comes from the fact that when they came into America through Ellis Island, they refused to sign their papers with an “x” because they hate Jesus. Instead, they wrote a circle, and pointed at the circle saying the Yiddish word for circle which is “kikel.”

Jews, however, refer to these people as “shabbos goyim,” which are non-Jews who serve only Jew interests. They think of them as animals, but as good animals willing to serve them.

That fat slob Steven Crowder was running with the same Jew narrative that Nick Fuentes is responsible for all of this.

As if Ye was not saying this stuff about the Jews before he met Nick. It doesn’t even make any sense. The reason he met Nick is because Nick talks about the Jews and so Ye was interested in working with him – because we are building a CHRISTIAN coalition here, and there is no room for the Jews who run everything, feed off of our labor, and try to make everyone gay.

There was also a comment from Tucker Carlson regular Jesse Kelly, who was having a very difficult time typing because Jew semen (which Jews refer to as “the seed of Abraham”) was dripping off of his face onto his phone screen.

Nick Fuentes is a “vulture,” and the Jews who were drinking Ye’s blood – threatening to chemically lobotomize him – aren’t? In fact, Nick is the single intelligent person on the planet that Ye can trust to help him with his agenda.

Sebastian Gorka is by far the suckiest kikesucker – he attacked Pool for even inviting Ye to come be harassed.

Nick should have just stayed, frankly. Nick could have dominated Tim Pool, and we’ve all been waiting like, forever for that. Pool could not possibly have out talked him or “debunked” everything he said in real time. At some point, Nick is going to go out there solo as an ambassador for YE24, and it’s going to be glorious.

In other news, Monday night’s Tucker Carlson show was the single worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It was as bad as Sean Hannity. He was doing full anti-China neocon, and he just lied about several different things, including claiming Anthony Fauci was “praising China.” No, Tucker, Fauci agrees with you on that issue – just like Joe Biden, the Jew State Department, and the entire Jewish establishment agrees with you. That nigga ran an ad for Prager U. Like seriously, what? I’ve heard him shill against China a lot, and lie about Democrats being pro-China, but that Prager U live read was too much.

The rest of the show was also awful, as bad as it was after he fired Blake Neff for posting on Xoxohth, and it made me wonder if he isn’t totally selling out after being threatened for promoting Ye.

Of course, as a pretty serious Tucker fan, it would take a lot more than one bad show to convince me of that. But it was so bad, I felt shocked.

I will give both Trump and Tucker a lot of credit that they don’t go out there and attack Ye and Nick, as people doing this are literally declaring loyalty to the Jews.

Shout Out to Josh Denny

I don’t really know anything about this guy, but big impressed.

He was the only conservative pundit I saw not praising Tim Pool’s virulent philosemetic harassment campaign against Ye.

Except, of course, Elijah Schaffer, who is a 👑.

(Maybe there are others, I don’t see every single tweet – but if it was someone big, I would know about it. The whole conservative movement is exposing itself, in real time, over this Nick-Ye collab.)

The reason Tim Pool had to harass Ye was the thing that Schaffer says in that clip: if you do a normal interview with someone who talks about Jews, the conservative machine will totally blacklist you. Tim Pool couldn’t do a normal interview – he’s a multi-millionaire with a lot to lose if he gets on the bad side of the Jews.

Ye didn’t care about losing things. Ye went all in for Jesus and didn’t look back. On a personal level, these conservatives are all cowards, and they hate Ye and Nick because they’re not cowards.