Jews Claim They Will Stop Putting Random Palestinians in Military-Run Torture Camps

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Israel is finally doing some PR.


Israel is phasing out the use of a military-run detention camp for Palestinians captured during the Gaza war where rights groups alleged there has been abuse of inmates, justice officials said on Wednesday.

State attorneys told the Supreme Court that inmates held at the Sde Teiman site, which was opened after Hamas’ Oct. 7 assault on southern Israel that sparked the war in Gaza, would be gradually transported to permanent holding facilities.

Israel’s military is investigating the deaths of Palestinians captured during the Gaza war as well as the Sde Teiman facility.

I don’t believe this at all.

But a few weeks ago, they would have been saying “we can do whatever we want to anyone – the only reason someone would complain is blind antisemitic hatred!”

Just the fact that they feel the need to try and act like they might start behaving like human beings says a lot.