Jews Declare Total War on Arabia

It looks like the Ukraine war is going to disappear from the media pretty quickly here, as the Jews who run the media circle the wagons around their Mid-East base.

Interesting that this is exactly what Bibi wanted to happen.


Israel’s security cabinet voted on Saturday night to officially go to war following a major attack on the country by Palestinian armed group Hamas, the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

The invocation of Article 40 of Israel’s Basic Law allows the government to take “significant military action that may lead, with a level of probability close to certain, to war,” Netanyahu’s office said on Sunday.

Under the legislation, the prime minister will be able to make certain decisions regarding the war with just the approval of the security cabinet, it added.

It seems as though they are not listing the countries they are declaring war on. It’s just “Arabs, in general.”

That whole battle between Bibi and the courts is totally over. He can now just do whatever he wants to do.

Very quick way for judicial reform.

By the way: I’m not saying Hamas is in on some conspiracy here, but it just seems that the Mossad would have been aware of the planned assault, and made the decision to let it happen.