Tucker Carlson Actually Did Go Pretty Hard on the Israel War Hoax

I was ill on October 9 (I’m still pretty ill now, but I was much iller), but it turns out that Tucker Carlson actually did denounce the Israel war hoax.

He gave the normal platitudes about how it was horrible that Hamas invaded (and I’m not even sure those are platitudes – it was a pretty horrible invasion, I just have a long enough memory to know that Israel had that coming after decades of lunatic bombings), and then said that this has nothing to do with America. He played a clip of Nimrata Randhawa going apeshit, claiming that it was an attack on America, and noted that actually, Israel is not in America.

I was pretty impressed all around.

He didn’t say “the Jews deserve this,” which is what I would have said, but he took the America First position that this is not our country and it’s not our problem. He then brought on Vivek Ramaswamy to concur, and say that Americans are dying and we have to take care of our own people.

By far the best part of the Tucker piece was the Ben Shapiro response. Little Benny went absolutely apeshit, as he’s been doing every time he appears in public since the attack from Gaza. He was frothing at the mouth, talking about morality. Throughout the clip, he gets angrier and angrier and keeps talking faster and faster.


Because he’s American, Ben. You are Israeli.

It’s perfectly fine that you care more about your own country than you do about America. I think it’s unnecessary to become this emotional, regardless, as that is not really adult male behavior, but okay.

The big problem, Ben, is that you are claiming, falsely, to be an American so that you can try to trick Americans into thinking that your country’s problems are their problems.

Your problems are not our problems, Ben. Our country is America. We care about our problems first, and we’re not going to ignore our problems to focus on your problems.

Watch that clip of Shapiro screaming, and ask yourself: shouldn’t this man be forced to register as a foreign agent?

Is he not clearly, obviously operating as a foreign agent?

What if he was a Moslem, and screaming like that from the other side, saying that America should be backing Hamas against Israel, while claiming that the fact he holds an American passport means he’s an American? What would people think then?

Ben Shapiro should be charged with a lot of different crimes related to espionage and sedition, and deported after serving his sentence. He is not an American, he is trying to hurt the interests of America, he is pushing a totally foreign agenda on the American people.

Enough is enough.