Jews Fire Rockets at Lebanon!

There is no evidence Lebanon was firing on the Jews.

But the way this works is: if the Jews say something, that makes it true.


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Sunday that they’d carried out artillery strikes on the territory of Lebanon in response to mortar attacks from across the border.

Mortar attacks were reported a day after Hamas and other Palestinian groups launched a large-scale assault on Israeli cities and army bases from Gaza.

“The IDF has been taking preparational measures for this type of possibility and will continue to operate in all regions and at any time necessary to ensure the safety of the Israeli civilians,” the army said in a statement carried by the Times of Israel.

The shells that had earlier been fired from the Lebanese territory reportedly hit an Israeli military site in the contested Shebaa Farms.

The IDF said its “artillery is currently striking the area in Lebanon from where a shooting was carried out.”

How long before they start attacking Iran, I wonder?

If/when they do that, the US is contractually obligated to join them in their war. (Those “mutual defense” contracts are written by “American Jews,” just so we are clear.)

Imagine anyone thinking that the US, a country of nearly 400 million, is on par with Israel, a country with six million people which gets all of its weapons from the US.

There is no “mutual” anything in a deal with Israel for defense.

nb4 “they haven’t signed the latest ‘mutual defense’ package” – you can go read the Wiki article on US-Israel military relations.

Everyone gets it: Israel is 100% capable of trying to suck the whole world into its pit. They have no other uses.