Jews, Liberals in Tears Over the Triumphant Return of Hardcore Racism to France

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2013

Christiane Taubira, explaining to the people that they must accept her as their master, and also accept queer marriage.
Christiane Taubira, explaining to the people that they must accept her as their master, and also accept queer marriage.

The Jews are in a panic that there is finally an emerging backlash to their multicultural policies in developed, Western Europa. The fact that the black French Minister, Christiane Taubira, has repeatedly been characterized as a banana eating, tree-swinging monkey in recent weeks has the liberal media all over the world throwing a fit, unclear about how exactly they should respond to this atavistic return to self-defensive tribalism by the French people.

Apparently, the Jews imagined that we would simply continue to take unlimited abuse from these hordes of invading savages until we eventually got to the point where there was nothing left to do but lay down and die.

Ah, but not so, Jews! We are here, we are White, and we shall not lay down and hand over the empire our ancestors built to an invading army of subhumans!

Let us look at some examples of recent media coverage of the situation in France.

NPR gave a report on these troubles in multicult paradise entitled “In France, Some Ask if Racism is on the Rise.”

For the past week or so, France has been deep in debate, wondering if there’s a resurgence of an old colonial racism, or if people have just become more tolerant of bigots.

The questions stem from a series of race-based taunts against Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, who is black. Many of the statements seem to stem from Taubira’s championing of the country’s gay marriage legalization, which was signed into law in May.


“The issue is not about the small minority of people who are deeply racist in France,” says Louis-Georges Tin, head of an umbrella group of French black associations. “The issue is about the majority. Is the majority indifferent to this situation? Or is the majority against racism?”

Some blame the racist outbreak on a resurgence of the far right.


A recent survey showed the number of French who consider themselves not at all racist (44 percent) is lower than ever. Many say it’s the government’s fault for not defending Taubira more forcefully.

“When you see kids waving bananas and such racist acts multiplying, it’s unbelievable,” says [Black Jew] Harlem Desir, general secretary of the ruling Socialist Party. “I haven’t seen anything like this in 30 years. This is not France. We have to stand up to racism like this.”

The New Yorker examines the alleged problem in an article, “The Justice Minister and the Banana: How Racist is France?

During some of the protests against France’s new gay-marriage law (which Taubira, as Justice Minister, pushed), the crowds chanted “Taubira, t’es foutue, les Français sont dans la rue.” (“Taubira, you’re fucked, the French are in the street!”) At one rally, a twelve-year-old child symbolically presented Taubira with a banana.

Last week, in a long and exasperated interview with Libération, Taubira said, “With me, people feel they can say, ‘The French are in the streets,’ ” the implication being that Taubira is not one of them.


“Apart from my own personal case, these racist attacks are an attack on the heart of the Republic,” she said. “Our social cohesion, the history of the nation, is placed in question.”

“Our,” Taubira?  She would have us believe she has a connection to the history of the French people, which stretches back thousands of years, simply because she speaks the language and occupies the geographical territory.  It is an insane concept.

The National Commission for the Rights of Man (C.N.C.D.H.), which has been charged by the French parliament to monitor incidents of racism in France, noted a twenty-three-per-cent increase in incidents of racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism last year, and a five-fold increase over the past twenty years.

Without these people in the country, there is no racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism at all. People do not hate those who live in other countries who they have no interaction with.  Racism is a result of interacting with people of other races.  It is not some vague mystery thing that just appears out of nowhere for no reason, as the Jews and their media would have you believe.  Of course, as the invasion escalates, so too will racism escalate.

Why, when the right-wing National Front has been moderating its official message and gaining in respectability, have cruder forms of racism been on the rise? And how should France respond? The Minute cover prompted the Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, to announce that he would study “ways to prevent the distribution” of the magazine, among other legal action. (Inciting racial hatred can be a crime in France.)

“Our politicians are responsible,” said Arnaud Mercier, a professor of political communication at the University of Lorraine, in a forum published last week in Le Monde. “Some of them have blown on the embers of racism.”


All sorts of dams on what you can say have burst,” said Aline Le Bail-Kremer, the spokesperson for S.O.S. Racisme, a group that advocates for France’s minorities.


Taubira, who has a long and impressive political career, became one of the most visible members of Hollande’s government. Opposition to the same-sex-marriage law—the result of a difficult and divisive battle, in which the minister did not back down—has, in some ways, melded with a larger sense of threatened national identity and anti-immigrant sentiment. “There has been a long slide, in which we have constructed an internal enemy,” Taubira said in her Libération interview. “Those who are unable to imagine a future spend their time telling the French people that they are being invaded, under siege, in danger.


Why does race-baiting and fear of Islam work as a political tactic? “Is France racist?” Libération asked in Tuesday’s paper. “No, but some French people are.” Seven per cent of French people (according to the last C.N.C.D.H. report) acknowledge being “rather racist,” while another twenty-two per cent consider themselves “a little racist,” twenty-five per cent “not very racist,” and forty-four per cent described themselves as “not at all racist,” down by ten per cent. Then again, the politician who compared Taubira to an ape, Anne-Sophie Leclere, insisted that she was not racist, so it is hard to know what to make of these numbers. Sixty-five per cent of those polled believe that “certain behaviors sometimes justify racist reactions.”

Joan Wallach Scott, an American scholar at the Institute for Advanced Studies, at Princeton, argues in her book “The Politics of the Veil” that the Republican values of egalité and laicité were historically entangled in the racist roots of French colonialism. The idea that people of all races could become French was coupled with an implicit (and often explicit) assumption that they came from inferior cultures, and needed to submit to France’s mission civilatrice to be equal. The French, in her view, need to learn to “negotiate difference.”

But of course, as we all know, the only reason a person could ever suggest that French culture is superior to African culture is that they are completely filled with evil and irrational hatred.  We don’t know where this hatred originates from or why – maybe they are confused about the economy or whatever, or maybe they have small penises or something – but it is a known fact that African culture is exactly equal, in every way, to French culture.


Really now.  Let’s step back for a minute and just think about this thing.  These people, the Jews and their liberal hordes, actually expect you to believe that the culture which the black French Minister emerged from is equal to the traditional French culture, and that is the basis on which they are selling you the idea that an individual from Africa is equal to an individual from France, and thus unlimited individuals coming to France from Africa is only a problem when people are ‘racist.’

The whole thing is simply nuts.  Literally, it is insane.  They are actually telling you that those huts are just as great, if not even better, than the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.  If you showed a person these two pictures, and asked them which they believed represented a higher level of intelligence and development, and they said “I think they are about equal,” you would view this person as delusional.  Or, you would suspect him of being dishonest.

The UN has also expressed outrage over the fate of the gay-loving monkey minister, as France24 tells us in an article entitled “UN slams ‘racist attacks’ of French black politician.”

The UN human rights body on Friday condemned the “racist attacks” on French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, including a far-right magazine cover likening her to a monkey, warning that “xenophobia and intolerance” are on the rise in Europe.


“We condemn the racist attacks that have been taking place against French Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira over the past few weeks,” said Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN high commissioner for human rights.

This utterly unacceptable abuse of a prominent politician, on the basis of her colour, is a stark manifestation of the rising racism, xenophobia and intolerance aimed at members of ethnic and religious minorities – as well as migrants – in many European countries,” he told reporters.

The Human Rights Office added that it “reiterates previous UN recommendations for France to step up its efforts to counter racism and xenophobia“.


France’s main opposition party, the UMP, on Friday began expulsion proceedings against a local councillor over a racist Facebook post about Taubira.

UMP councillor Claudine Declerck posted a picture of Taubira on the social networking site along with the slogan “Y’a pas bon, Taubira.”

Her comment literally means, “It’s no good, Taubira,” but it is also a reference to a notorious (and now discontinued) advertising campaign for Banania, a cocoa drink product that featured a caricature of a smiling African and the slogan, “Y’a bon, Banania” – a phrase that means “Banania’s good” in pidgin French.

Of all the media responding to the situation of ‘racism’ in France, none of it is saying that the solution may be to get rid of the non-French living in France. Though this would obviously solve the problem, as if all of the nonwhites were removed from the country, racism would quickly drop to zero, it simply is not being presented as an option.

Instead, we get this ridiculous analysis blaming the perfectly natural human drive to be among those of a similar genetic background on vague politics and unexplainable feelings of prejudice.

The establishment’s refusal to address such fundamental problems with any sort of honesty has made it ultimately irrelevant. Fewer and fewer are even bothering to pay attention to the projected narrative, choosing instead to believe their own eyes, as the global race war continues to intensify.

Tribalism is returning to Europe.  And all the news articles and university professors and hate crimes legislation and human rights watchdogs in the world can’t stop it.