Jews Preparing to Pivot to Lebanon as Gaza Runs Out of Children to Slaughter

The Jews are a cartoonishly satanic force hellbent on murdering as many children as possible for their massive blood ritual designed to provoke the Jew version of the apocalypse.

With Gaza running out of innocent little children to be burned on the altar of their demon gods, the Jews must seek other areas filled with children to slaughter.

The Guardian:

For the Israeli communities evacuated from the country’s far north in the aftermath of 7 October, there is no longer any doubt about whether full-scale war with Hezbollah in Lebanon is going to happen. For most people, the only question is when.

To be frank, everyone knows that. The Jews themselves are saying it, and every anti-Jewish analyst is saying it. Mainstream analysts are also saying it.

I don’t know why these people’s view is relevant to anything.

Nissan Zeevi, 40, has spent the past six months working as a first responder in Kfar Giladi, a kibbutz that grows apples and avocados. His wife and two young boys are living near the Sea of Galilee and are yet to come home; it’s just him, bulldog Joy, and his M16 rifle, keeping an eye on the Lebanese villages and Hezbollah outposts clearly visible from the garden, just a few kilometres away.

Nissan Zeevi

The Iron Dome was a strategic mistake,” the agro-tech entrepreneur said during the Observer’s visit on a hot dry day last week, referring to Israel’s state-of-the-art air defence system, first deployed in 2011. “It normalised rockets hitting Israel, it gave us the feeling of security. But feeling secure is not the same as being secure. After 7 October we woke up.

Yeah, I think the problem is that it doesn’t work.

It was a perfect strategy in theory. It just doesn’t work in reality.

We can’t put off decisions any more. Everyone knows something is going to happen, because we have to push Hezbollah back to be safe.”

The day after Palestinian militant group Hamas launched its devastating attack on southern Israel, killing 1,200 people and abducting another 250, Iran-allied Hezbollah joined the fray, firing rockets and mortars at the exposed villages and farms abutting the UN-controlled Blue Line that separates the two countries.

In the first days after Israel began its retaliatory offensive in Gaza, US president Joe Biden dissuaded Israel’s war cabinet from also launching a preventative ground offensive on Hezbollah that could trigger a regional conflict. Instead, on Israel’s northern front, the two sides have found themselves fighting a war of attrition, but the situation is unsustainable and getting more dangerous by the day.

Was it really Joe Biden that prevented it?

Or does Israel have a well-established road map to destroy Gaza first, then continue to escalate to war with Iran?

About 60,000 people living in northern Israel were given evacuation orders and another 20,000 left of their own accord, damaging harvests and shuttering businesses. Weeds have grown tall in deserted gardens and parks. On the Lebanese side of the border, approximately 100,000 people have fled their homes, but without government funding to stay in repurposed hotels or holiday apartments. No one, on either side, knows when they will be able to safely return.

“We can’t go back if Hezbollah stays on the border,” said Shai Mor Yosef, 40, who was helping his daughter Adele with her maths homework in the lobby of their temporary home, a shabby hotel in Tiberias. “We didn’t do anything. They started this.”

Polling from earlier this year suggests that the majority of Israelis believe a war with Hezbollah is necessary for people displaced from the north to go home. What is less clear is whether the public fully understands the consequences of taking on a much more powerful enemy than Hamas.

Israelis are used to western standards of living, but infrastructure such as power stations, water supplies and transportation would be Hezbollah targets. The impact on Israel’s strong economy would be immense.

The fact that the media is talking about this is proof that it is going to happen soon. They are getting people prepared for it.

For a long time, the media was covering up the fact that northern Israel had been evacuated, because it made the Jews look weak and incompetent. Now they’re talking about it, which means they’re getting ready to move.

The Jews are digging their own graves.