Jews Now Boast That They Used Hollywood Propaganda to Entice Americans Into WW2

Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

If you sift through the mountain of dross that the BBC churns out, you can occasionally find something worthwhile. One example of this was the recently broadcast documentary “Churchill and the Movie Mogul.” The movie mogul in question was the “Hungarian” Jew, Alexander Korda (real name “Sándor László Kellner”).

It tells the story of Churchill’s curious relationship with Korda, summarized in bullet points below:

  • Churchill wrote scripts for him.
  • In the 1930s, with script input from Churchill, Korda made high-profile Hollywood movies, such as “That Hamilton Woman” and “The Four Feathers,” which cast Britain in a heroic light, fighting off dastardly foreigners.
  • Korda was accused by some American politicians of making propaganda designed to bolster American support for Britain in a potential future war with Germany.
  • Korda was summoned to appear before the American senate to answer this charge.
  • Then Pearl Harbor happened, rendering it all irrelevant.
  • Korda was knighted shortly afterwards.
  • Before, during and after the war, Korda paid Churchill a fortune for movie rights to his books. These movies were never made except one, thirty years later.

For a long time, people have sought to identify a source of secret Jewish funding for Churchill. Well, here was at least one of them.

You can probably track the whole documentary down online somewhere, but here are a few key excerpts.

Charles Lindbergh pointed out at the time that the Jews and the British were attempting to entice America into war with Germany, and that Hollywood was being used as an instrument of this propaganda. This was denounced then and later as a crazed anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. But the Jews now boast that it was true. In their books and publications, Jews are holding up Korda as a tribal hero for enticing the goyim into fighting for their cause.

Goy rights discourse tends to exhibit a standard lifecycle:

  • Goy defend their own interests, pointing out some nefarious thing Jews are engaged in.
  • Jews denounce this as a mad anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, motivated by hatred.
  • Discussion of the nefarious thing Jews are engaged in is publicly suppressed. Anyone who attempts to broach any discussion of it is anathematized and sentenced to internal exile within their own land.
  • After sufficient time has elapsed – after the goy rights defenders have gone to the grave, their reputations in ruins – the Jews will dust down the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and admit that it was true all along. They will even demand credit for engaging in the conspiracy, claiming it made the world a better place.

The length of time that elapses between the “mad anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” stage and the “we deserve credit for this” stage is a function of how tightly a society is under Jewish control. When a society is under super-tight control, as ours is now, the Jews don’t need to wait long at all. It’s quite possible, therefore, that we’ll see Jews publicly boasting about their role in White Genocide before the end of this century.