Jews Say We Need to Give Them More Money Because the Holocaust Made Them Retarded

Daily Stormer
July 26, 2019

They haven’t actually said the part about the money yet. I’m just assuming it will inevitably follow.

The basic parameters of this latest twist on an old scam seem to be:

  •  The Holocaust turned us into retards, goyim
  •  You need to give us more money because life is hard when you’re retarded
  •  The retardation is passed on biologically to our descendants
  •  You need to give our descendants more money, too, to make up for their retardation problems

Here is the Jewish Chronicle article:

The trauma of the Holocaust has permanently altered the brain structure of survivors and may have had a biological impact on their children and grandchildren, a study has found.

Groundbreaking research which saw Holocaust survivors undergo MRI scans of their brains has revealed not only the psychological cost but also the biological toll of Hitler’s persecution of Europe’s Jews.

Over the course of three years researchers examined the brain function of 28 Holocaust survivors living in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and compared them with 28 individuals from the same region who were unaffected by the Holocaust.

The research, presented at the 5th European Academy of Neurology Congress in Oslo this week, revealed that the survivors — who on average were aged between 79 and 80 — showed a significantly decreased volume of grey matter in the brain compared to the similarly aged control group.

According to Professor Ivan Rektor, who led the study, the reduced areas of grey matter affect parts of the brain responsible for stress response, memory, motivation, emotion, learning and behaviour.

The researchers are now investigating the impact of the Holocaust on survivors’ offspring and even their grandchildren. Early results in their children show reduced connectivity between structures of the brain involved in processing emotion and memory. Further research is set to identify biomarkers of stress resilience and post-traumatic growth as well as determining whether transmission to offspring is based on behavioural and psychological factors or on genetic factors.

Speaking to the JC from Oslo, Professor Rektor — who is head of the research centre at the Centre for Neuroscience at Masaryk University in Brno in the Czech Republic — said his research had a personal motivation. His parents, both Jewish, survived the Holocaust as they fled to the mountains of the former Czechoslovakia and joined a partisan group to fight the Nazis.

“After more than 70 years, the impact of surviving the Holocaust on brain function is significant. We revealed substantial differences in the brain structures involved in the processing of emotion, memory and social cognition, in higher level of stress but also of post-traumatic growth between Holocaust survivors and controls and early results show this is also the case in children of survivors too.”

Of his own experience, he told the JC: “I feel myself that I am unable to look at a movie of a concentration camp. My emotions are involved, so I know that it’s had an impact on me and probably my children too. But the question is whether the transmission is social or genetic.

Essentially, the findings suggest that we have the history of our ancestors in our biology.”

The research doesn’t seem to have been published in a scientific journal yet so it’s hard to make a serious assessment of it. We’re forced to rely on newspaper reports and these are inadequate.

According to the press reports, the study involved 28 people plus a control group. 28 is a very small sample on which to base such broad-ranging conclusions. The newspaper reports don’t make clear whether the “control group” were Jews or not.

If the control group were not Jews, what the study could be revealing, of course, is a biological difference between Jew and Gentile, unrelated to the “Holocaust.”

The Jews claim to have been persecuted throughout history. Of course, we know that these tales have been fantastically exaggerated, and that the historical norm for Jews was privilege not persecution, but occasional episodes of Goy Resistance did indeed occur. Would these episodes of Goy Resistance, which the Jews call “persecution,” not have affected their brains in the same way as the “Holocaust”? If so, would this not have made the Jews biologically distinctive throughout history, exactly as anti-Semites have said?

The Jews haven’t really thought this one through.

In their desperate desire to wring more money from the goy, they seemingly fail to grasp that they are validating many of the key claims made by anti-Semites throughout the ages: namely, that Jews are biologically distinct from non-Jews, that this distinctness affects their behavior in significant ways and that it is passed down genetically to their descendants.

It’s important to remember that people can suffer PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for things that didn’t happen to them, that they can unconsciously embellish their traumatic memories over time and that verbal or visual descriptions of the supposed suffering can facilitate this process.

The emotional stunting effect is certainly very suggestive. One of the Jews’ most curious traits is a seeming inability to empathize with others; to see things from their point of view; to recognize the validity of the Other’s moral claims. When the Jews tell us that our countries would be better off as Workers’ Paradises where everything is controlled by the state, or Diversity Paradises where everyone is a minority, they simply cannot acknowledge the moral validity of our response when we say “No Thank You.”

But to raise this study to any level of scientific seriousness, at a minimum you would need to compare the brains of Jews who claimed to have been Holocausted to those of Jews who don’t claim to have been Holocausted (if you can find any). You would need to compare the Holocausted Jews to other people who don’t claim to have been Holocausted but experienced comparably traumatizing events, imprisonment, displacement, witnessing the deaths of family members, etc.

This either hasn’t been done or hasn’t been reported. The study is basically a joke and simply a prelude to the next stage of the scam, making Holocaust Privilege heritable. We are living in a Victimhood Aristrocracy and Holocaust “Survivors” are at the top of the Privilege Hierarchy. Jews have come to dominate our societies within the last few decades and could be viewed as a Conquest Aristocracy. Any Conquest Aristocracy wants to make sure that the fiefdoms and privileges it acquired during the time of struggle can be passed down to its descendants. That’s all we’re seeing here.