Jews Will Soon Have Universal Privilege

Daily Stormer
September 22, 2019

Jews will soon be able to live wherever they like, access public services for free in any country, even those where they’ve never paid taxes, and vote in any elections, even in countries they’ve never lived in and whose languages they don’t speak.

We are getting closer to the state of ultimate Jewish Privilege.

Sounds fantastical?

Not really. It’s just the logical culmination of current developments.

Recently I wrote about how millions of Israeli Jews are claiming to be eligible for Portuguese citizenship due to the bogus claim that they were expelled from there in the 15th century.

Now Austria is awarding citizenship to descendants of “Holocaust survivors.”

British Jews whose ancestors fled the Nazis will be allowed to reclaim Austrian citizenship in London from next year, as MPs agreed changes to Austria’s nationality laws.

People who fled the country before the end of the Second World War have long been able to reclaim their citizenship but now, in a significant shift, the descendants of those victims will be able to apply.

The liberalisation was unanimously approved by Austrian MPs in a vote on Thursday. It will apply not only to the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, but potentially great-grandchildren too.

Jews are effectively demanding free citizenship in every country they ever gotten thrown out of. That’s a lot of countries. “Don’t worry, it’s only the descendants,” you might say. There are two  problems with that. The first is lax standards of verification. Portugal, for example, requires only self-certification from the Jews themselves. The second is that the number of descendants could be extraordinarily large. People, in general, underestimate the extent of genetic inter-relatedness. Until recently, for example, it was said that nearly everyone in western Europe was descended from Charlemagne. 90% of Brits were descended from William the Conqueror. You know whenever a new US President is elected and they always find some genealogical connection to the British Royal Family? And this was true even of Obama? The fact is if you go back far enough almost everyone has some connection to everyone else.

Considering the still-high level of Jewish inbreeding today, and the fact that many of these expulsions occurred centuries ago, it won’t be long before almost any Jew can find an ancestor who got expelled from almost any country in the western world.

So Jews will, in effect, have a Universal Privilege. They will be able to live anywhere, vote anywhere. Like medieval serfs, goyim will work and pay their taxes so the Jewish overlords can breeze in from far afield and access costly public education or obtain expensive medical procedures, all for free.

Note the vote in the Austrian parliament was unanimous. Even the so-called “far-right” Freedom Party dared not vote against the Chosen. This is because, in the public sphere, the Jewish Victimhood Narrative stands unchallenged. Any public person – a journalist, a politician, an academic – who attempts to challenge it faces instant career termination.

We are asked to believe that when our ancestors decided their countries would be better off without Jews in them, they were always being crazy, stupid or evil. We are asked, in effect, to choose whether to be prejudiced against millions of our own ancestors or a handful of Jews. And the vast majority of zombie-normies decide that being prejudiced against their own ancestors, even though thousands of times more numerous, is somehow less heinous than being prejudiced against a few Jews.

The Jews have established total narrative dominance. It’s the idea equivalent of air supremacy. We truth-tellers are forced to skulk in caves and move around at night, maintaining a guerrilla resistance and hoping that the balance of power will change.