Austrian Businesses Stand with Russia Despite Facing “Unprecedented Pressure” from Sanctions

This anti-Russia sanctions stuff is like the vax mandates – they went so hard and you felt like the whole world was coming down on you, but if you waited it out, the pressure let up.

Austria waited out the anti-Russia pressure; now the pressure has let up.


The vast majority of Austrian companies present in Russia continue to operate even in the face of Western sanctions, the Russian ambassador to Vienna, Dmitry Lyubinsky, stated on Friday.

Most of the 650 Austrian firms working in the Russian market have stayed, the diplomat said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Lyubinsky noted that entrepreneurs in both countries “are showing great interest in the continuation of mutually beneficial cooperation.” He added that despite facing “unprecedented pressure,” only a “handful” of Austrian companies have opted to leave Russia.

The envoy pointed at numbers which indicate that Russia remained among Austria’s top ten trade partners in 2022. It also ranked sixth in terms of export volumes “despite the desire of the Austrian authorities to freeze everything connected with Russia,” Lyubinsky stated.

Zelensky is full of shit.

His own merch store isn’t even in the Ukraine.

No one wants to manufacture things in a war zone. It’s not practical.