Joe Biden Suicide Bombs Summit Where He was Supposed to be Begging for Oil and War Support


So, Joe Biden, the alleged President of America, was supposed to go to this meeting with the Arabs and beg them for oil.

Instead, the wacky sonovabitch strapped a bomb to his chest and ran into a crowd of sheiks, yelling “Ukrainia Akbar!” before clicking the detonator.


President Joe Biden told Arab leaders on Saturday that the United States would remain an active partner in the Middle East, but he failed to secure commitments to a regional security axis that would include Israel or an immediate oil output rise.

“The United States is invested in building a positive future of the region, in partnership with all of you—and the United States is not going anywhere,” he said, according to a transcript of his speech.

[citation needed]

Biden, who began his first trip to the Middle East as president with a visit to Israel, presented his vision and strategy for America’s engagement in the Middle East at an Arab summit in Jeddah.

The summit communique was vague, however, and Saudi Arabia, Washington’s most important Arab ally, poured cold water on U.S. hopes the summit could help lay the groundwork for a regional security alliance – including Israel – to combat Iranian threats.

During a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Biden raised the highly sensitive issue of human rights, drawing countercriticism from the crown prince, also known as MbS.

This is real life. This is the supposed President of America in a very important meeting about energy and war deciding to start gibbering about goofy claptrap from tumblr.

Joe should have showed up to the summit in a fursuit.

The Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said publicly that every time he meets with the Saudis, he tries to convince them to have gay sex.

Just take a step back and think about how absolutely bizarre that is. You’re a relatively important world power, you have meetings with people from every major country on earth, your family has been doing this for decades – then one day, the United States, one of your biggest trading partners, starts sending top officials to lecture you about anal sex – while the entire planet is on the brink of both an economic collapse and a full-on world war.

“We believe there’s great value in including as many of the capabilities in this region as possible and certainly Israel has significant air and missile defence capabilities, as they need to. But we’re having these discussions bilaterally with these nations,” a senior administration official told reporters.

Did he release an English version of that statement?

A plan to connect air defence systems could be a hard sell for Arab states that have no ties with Israel and balk at being part of an alliance seen as against Iran, which has a strong regional network of proxies including Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, said he was not aware of any discussions on a Gulf-Israeli defence alliance and that the kingdom was not involved in such talks.

He told reporters after the U.S.-Arab summit that Riyadh’s decision to open its airspace to all air carriers had nothing to do with establishing diplomatic ties with Israel and was not a precursor to further steps. read more

Biden has focused on the summit with six Gulf states and Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, while downplaying the meeting with MbS which drew criticism in the United States over human rights concerns.

Biden had said he would make regional power Saudi Arabia a “pariah” on the global stage over the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents, but ultimately decided U.S. interests dictated a recalibration, not a rupture, in relations with the world’s top oil exporter.

The crown prince told Biden that Saudi Arabia had acted to prevent a repeat of mistakes like the killing of Khashoggi and that the United States had also made mistakes, including in Iraq, a Saudi minister said.

“You can’t do this!” Biden shouted. “We will ban you from Facebook! We will subpoena you and make you testify before Congress for supporting Donald Trump!”

One of the Arabs then informed him that he was not in America, and he can’t just force his will upon people arbitrarily.

Then Joe Biden said: “What? Folks, we gotta do it. We just can’t, uh, we can’t, we gotta, uh, oh jeez, uh, they’re really gonna, they’re gonna be mad about this one. Man, I’m sorry. This is, well, you know. I didn’t mean to say it like that. These people are just, you know. I’m trying to end the gumbambalam, and folks, we just gotta, you know. Well.”

Joe Biden Builds Saudi-Iranian Alliance…?

It looks to me as though the entire strategy of playing Sunni against Shiite has officially collapsed, in large part due to Joe Biden becoming obsessed with some terrorist journalist getting whacked.

The strategy of Western powers playing Sunni against Shiite goes back to the period following World War I (it arguably was used by the British Empire and the East India company), when the Ottoman Empire collapsed. In fact, for a brief period, Sunni and Shia were attempting to build bonds. There were large and relevant movements pushing for pan-Islamism as a response to globalization. It would have been very logical.

The United States is far and above the most brutal country on earth. It’s going to be, because it’s the most powerful, but even if you controlled for that, I don’t think any other country comes close in terms of sheer abuse of persons on the global stage.

China is or will soon be the dominant global superpower. They achieved this without invading any countries, or committing any atrocities. China has been peaceful to the point that the Jews are forced to make up ridiculous gibberish about this, such as that they are kidnapping people and harvesting their organs while they are still alive – tens of thousands of people per year, the Jews claim.

You can go read that article in Israeli Haaretz, which US sources cite as if it is fact. They don’t present any evidence at all. It’s just basic Holocaust-style “eye-witness account” tripe. Reading it the first time, I kept thinking of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” – it is an absurd combo of absolutely cartoonish content dealt with using severe gravity.

But I digress.

The United States invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

It’s now known that the entire thing was just a total lie, that they lied on purpose. That’s been known since 2005, when “The Downing Street Memo” was leaked. This had the head of MI6 (the British CIA) saying in July of 2002 that “the intelligence and facts were being fixed” by the Bush Administration to remove Saddam Hussein.

The US now just jokes about it. Here’s (Jew) General Wesley Clark joking about how some general told him “we’re going to war with Iraq” and he asked him why and the guy said “I don’t know!” He says this happened 9 days after 911.

Just recently, George W. Bush, while trying to defend the US’s current brutal war in the Ukraine, joked about invading Iraq. (He at first had a slip of the tongue, then joked that his invasion of Iraq was “wholly unjustified and brutal.”

They joke about this all the time now. Whenever they mention it, it is some kind of joke.

But Saudi killing one terrorist journalist is the most important thing in history somehow?

I agree that the way Khashoggi was killed was silly, and I guess I agree leaders shouldn’t kill journalists at all, but in real life, he was an organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization seeking to overthrow most or all Islamic countries. Having the guy whacked is not just or moral or whatever, okay, but it’s pretty straightforward and totally unimportant.

Putting aside the Iraq War or any of the other brutal campaigns of completely senseless slaughter that the US government has done – as someone might have the nerve to say “apples to oranges” – let’s compare apples to apples: Julian Assange.

Tons of American officials have called for both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden to be assassinated. At this point, what they’ve done to Assange is a whole lot worse than what Saudi did to Khashoggi. I would much rather have my throat slit in a backroom than go through years of torture – as I think anyone would.

Julian Assange is being tortured, everyone knows he’s being tortured, they’re making a big spectacle of the fact he’s being tortured, they’re admitting openly that when he is extradited to the US he will be tortured. The US is doing this to send a signal: they are not so kind as the Saudis. If you do journalism against them, you will not be fortunate enough to have your throat slit.

To add a whole other layer of total moronism onto this: the Saudis are still involved in a large-scale and just obviously unjust war in Yemen, where the UN claimed in November of last year that nearly 400,000 people had died.

Who knows what the actual death toll is (the UN is generally hysterical about these things), but these are virtually all civilian deaths. And many of them are being slowly starved to death. Putting aside the scale, the reasons for the war in Yemen are much less clear-cut and probably much less justifiable than the killing of Khashoggi. The “Yemeni Civil War” is basically a silly and stupid thing – the short story is that it’s a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but the stakes are so low and the human tragedy so high, that it is very hard to strategically justify as anything other than a kind of gladiator-type entertainment project for the Sunni elite. Killing a journalist involved in organizing and campaigning for the Muslim Brotherhood is about 377,000 times more justifiable as an act defending the state than the Yemen war. But Biden doesn’t care about the Yemen war, because the media doesn’t care about the Yemen war. Who knows why, but if you were an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, you might wonder if it relates to the fact that Israel supports Saudi’s actions in Yemen.

But the Biden Administration chose to pretend like America is the most moral country ever in existence, and throw a big tantrum over Khashoggi, implementing a social media morality crusade as foreign policy.

Now, along with Saudi Arabia totally switching teams and lining up with China, you’ve got Saudi apparently ready to squash the beef with Iran!

Who is in charge here???

No one is in charge! Joe Biden might as well be in charge! If you’re going to have some titular figure, some senile old man who has no idea what is going on, as a symbolic/puppet figurehead, there still needs to be someone actually in charge. But there is not!

Tucker Carlson goes on about Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain, and “Director of the Domestic Policy Council” Susan Rice as shadow leaders, but there isn’t really any evidence of either of those people actually be “the leader.” I’m sure they both have a bigger role in policy making than Joe, who is an actual vegetable. But there is no evidence of a leader, at all. There is no single point of communication between frantic women in the media whining about a dead journalist, the State Department, the Department of Treasury, or anyone else.

I remind you again of the Tower of Babel – evangelicals will tell silly stories about how everyone working on this massive project all of a sudden started speaking completely different languages. But the Bible doesn’t say that. It says this:

This is from Genesis, it was written by Moses, and we don’t really know the context. It’s nine verses about what was apparently a very major history event that happened at some point before recorded history. It’s interesting to wonder if “tower to the heavens” was a reference to some kind of ancient technology. Maybe it was an Atlantean space program. But I don’t think you need to go there.

Where I want to go is here: when a system is very complex, and very compartmentalized, and you lack a single leader for everyone working on the project to look to, the project breaks down because communication breaks down. Large corporations still have a single CEO for a reason, and they also have entire large staffs to handle internal communications between different departments.

What we appear to be seeing right now, right before our eyes, is the organizational structure of the entire globalist project breaking down because their language has been confounded.

You have, just to name a few:

  • The White House (official point of contact, officially run by a vegetable)
  • The media
  • The Congress
  • The State Department
  • The Pentagon
  • The Treasury Department
  • Wall Street
  • Silicon Valley
  • The EU
  • The IMF and World Bank
  • The CDC/NIH and the rest of the government virus people
  • The private sector virus people
  • An endless list of intelligence agencies
  • Silicon Valley
  • The UN
  • The WEF
  • Global warming cultists
  • Racial grievance groups
  • Arms manufacturers

All trying to work together on some unified agenda. And we are stretching the definition of “unified.” The agenda is vaguely centered around creating a global government for some reason that very few people involved even understand. Frankly, I’m not sure that there is any one person in any of these groups that could explicate it better than I can. I’m not bragging, I’m pretty sure that’s just a fact – and it may well be why I’ve not been assassinated or disappeared yet. (Of course, I think God protects me as well, but a lot of Saints have been brutally murdered – God makes no promises that while serving Him you won’t be brutally murdered. In fact, when you agree to serve God, it’s kind of a contract that you make in your soul – “I hereby waive all rights to not be whacked, compensation for all services rendered on behalf of Jesus to be paid out after death.”)

Furthermore: remember that all of these people are very selfish, and all have their own personal reasons for working on this project. Many of them think they will be able to develop life-extension technology that will allow them to live forever, many are various types of sex pervert, most are power-hungry freaks. This is much less stable than “we serve Jesus Christ – Deus Vult.” And, perhaps more relevant right now, it is much less stable than “China #1.”

Looking at this globalist system spiraling out of control, people continue to ask “how can they have all of this power and be screwing up so badly?” It is relatively simple: they’ve lost the ability to communicate with one another. God has confounded their language.

This ship is definitely sinking. We’ve crossed the Rubicon. The proverbial Rubicon in this case was the weaponization of the dollar in an attempt to bully Russia in a standard post-Soviet border skirmish, to turn it into an international crusade. This came directly on the heels of the bizarre coronavirus fiasco, which upset the entire world order. The amount of dollars that the US printed during that period was itself a form of weaponizing the dollar, it just wasn’t directly targeted at any one country.

They keep saying “rules-based order.” But that term never meant “border integrity in the former USSR, or the Armenian-Azerbaijani border skirmish that is still ongoing, would be the center-point of world attention. “Rules-based order” always meant that no matter what happened in geopolitics, the US was the keeper of the Ring of Power – the global financial system – and they would not ever weaponize this system. The SWIFT system didn’t exist in the 1940s, but Nazi Germany was allowed to do business with the Bank of International Settlements up through the end of the war. Until March of 2022, the world believed that no matter how crazy the US got, they would maintain their neutrality as the keepers of the global economy. The sanctions on Russia changed all that, and everyone who is not directly ruled by the United States is now headed for the exit.

Here’s an Analogy

There’s a bully in a 6th grade class. He runs the class. He bullies everyone, and the teachers don’t do anything to stop it. People tolerate name calling, getting shoved in lockers, having their lunch money taken. They tolerate it because they don’t think there’s anything they can do about it, and it isn’t completely ruining their lives. It’s really just a nuisance, and life goes on. He only takes half your lunch money, so you still have enough to get one piece of pizza, and odds are that he’s not going to shove you in a locker on any given day. Then, one day, one of the boys in the class stands up to the bully, and says “hey, bully – I’m keeping my lunch money!” So the bully pulls out a knife and slits the boy’s throat, then completely saws his head off. He takes the severed head to the front of the room, and puts it right on the teacher’s desk.

The teacher looks at the severed head, with blood dripping all over, seeping into the wood of the desk, and then she starts clapping. Then every other teacher from every other classroom comes in in a procession and joins in with the clapping. Then the principal of the school comes in and sees the head and starts cheering the bully, and pins a gold ribbon on his chest. The principal then declares that the bully is the moral arbiter of the entire sixth grade, and people should know better than to mess with him. The principal then demands that all the kids in the classroom start mutilating the corpse of the boy whose head has been chopped off. “Cut off all his fingers and make then into a necklace!” the principal shouts. “Pull out his intestines and string them across the walls!”

The kids in that sixth grade class are not going to go to school the next day. If the principal calls them and says “hey! You need to come to school!” they might say “yeah, uh, okay…” – but they’re not going to show up at that school again.

Unfortunately, this analogy has to stop there, because Russia survived the sanctions, and is now doing better financially than it was before the sanctions (the murdered boy reconstituting his body through magic would strain the metaphor). But the non-Empire nations of the world as the students who will not be returning to school is perfectly accurate.

Gucci Mane once was asked, after living a life of money, fame, drugs, and murder, what the single most important piece of advice he could give to young men would be. He said: “Don’t never go big on nobody.” The United States was too prideful to take very important advice from a legendary Trap God, and now they are where they are.

Some related whitey wisdom: “If you’re gonna take a shot at the king, you’d better not miss.”

The US Empire went big on Russia and thereby also on China, and they missed. The Tower of Babel type disorganization I described above is now intensifying, as some people involved begin to recognize the gravity of the situation. The United Nations has called out the Ukraine for using human shields, and more voices in Europe are calling for an end to arms shipments.

I don’t make predictions, but I’d say there’s a pretty fair chance that after the Donbass is cleaned up, and then Russia finishes off Kharkov, the West will back off. Russia is going to draw a border, and the fact that the Ukraine is a failed state means that people even in the West of the country are going to be lining up at the new border to apply for Russian passports, which Putin has offered all Ukrainian citizens (terms and conditions apply, of course, but I think they will give them to anyone they can confirm is legitimately Ukrainian – rather than an African or Arab that Zelensky gave a passport to – and is not a terrorist). The Ukraine military will start bombing buses carrying people to the new border to apply for Russian citizenship, I’m sure.

The US will claim victory, saying they stopped Putin from invading Poland. They’ve said this whole time, without evidence, he was planning to invade Poland – that was always a setup, so they could claim victory.

They will then go back to the larger “global community” and say “okay guys, we’ve stopped the war, everything is fine now.” But no one is going to accept this. The war was always sort of irrelevant. If the US wants to fight a proxy war with Russia in the Ukraine, no one cares. They’ve been doing weird wars all over the world for a long time. The problem everyone has is with the weaponization of the dollar system, and there is no longer room to walk that back.

It’s All Academic, Frankly

None of you readers have any ability to affect any of this. Over the last decade, and especially over the last three years, we’ve seen that public opinion means absolutely nothing at all to the leaders of the Western countries. They are not worried about a revolt. There was a revolt in Canada, and it was easily crushed. This Dutch farmer thing is going to go the same way.

But here’s the thing: eventually, the dollar is going to lose its place as the world reserve currency. That will mean hyper-inflation. Real hyper-inflation. Right now we have fast inflation, but hyper-inflation is a specific term.

It means this:

It means this:

Except there is no dollar to compare it to.

Currencies used to be based on precious metals. They’re not anymore. The dollar is based on being the world reserve currency, and every other currency in the world is based on the dollar. So, as currencies across the world collapse, that is going to boost the relative value of the dollar (the euro last week reached parity with the dollar), but it will not outpace the dollar’s decline.

No one knows the exact series of events, but I have posited that China’s new digital yuan will likely become the main global currency, which will mean that other countries will peg their own currencies to the digital yuan, and because it will just be a smartphone app, countries might just start using it outright. Your bank is an account on a Chinese website, and you pay for things at shops with a QR code. For a person-to-person transaction, you scan a QR code on their phone with your phone. Most countries in the world are already using banking apps to scan QR codes to make payments. It is not a huge leap. (Yes, some countries will probably also use Bitcoin – I think the US might end up promoting Bitcoin as a competitor to the digital yuan).

It’s all very interesting to think about, but in the end, there is nothing you can do but this:

  • Know that this is happening
  • Process that this is happening, emotionally and psychologically
  • Do whatever you need to do to ensure that your family is safe and well-fed
  • Stay alive

The perfect situation is to have a piece of land that you own that has chickens and vegetables, and get into putting things in jars for the winter. Of course, I understand you can’t all do that. I do understand. So in that case, the best thing to do is be in a tight-knit family group, have guns, pray, and be careful (but not too careful).

Always remember: this country has become something that is purely evil. They are mutilating children’s genitals, justifying it with gibberish. They are doing it on a mass scale. They are teaching gay sex to 5-year-olds in basically every elementary school. They are having nude homosexuals do dances with toddlers. This all has to go. It can’t be allowed to continue.

It sucks for all of us that it’s going to collapse, but it would be a much worse tragedy if it were to continue.

Things will be better on the other side. I promise.