John Kirby Says They Acted on Best Info on Afghanistan

At least they did their best.

New York Post:

A Department of Defense spokesman defended the agency’s early — and spectacularly wrong — intelligence on Afghanistan in the days before the Taliban takeover, saying it was the most accurate info they had at the time.

Just days before Kabul fell, DoD Press Secretary John Kirby declared the city was “not right now in any imminent threat environment.”

“In the moment that I said it, based on what we knew at the time, It was a true statement. And yes, two days later things dramatically changed. I readily admit that. Things moved very very quickly,” Kirby told Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson on Saturday.

“I am comfortable that while others may ridicule what I say and take issue with it, I am comfortable that what I am giving you is the best information I have the moment that I have it,” Kirby added.

Really, wars are like the Olympics: the most important thing is that you try really hard and just do your best.

I hope people are taking notes on just how incompetent these people are, and how they humiliated themselves in front of the world.

We had no idea that the highest levels of intelligence were this inept. Finding that out is a big deal.

What is going on with the CIA and the FBI if this is what is going on with the Pentagon?

These intelligence agencies are all a black box, but now we’ve seen inside of the box.