“Join the Party!” – Belarus President Tells Other Former Soviet States of the Joys of Hosting Russian Nukes

RT’s headlines are getting better

The United States is a hostile force run by Jews who are trying to destroy all humans.

It is only logical that you would defend yourself with nukes.

This is a great privilege of being friends with Russia.


Post-Soviet nations that seek to bolster their defenses by hosting nuclear weapons on their territory should develop closer ties with Russia, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told Russia 1 TV in an interview aired on Sunday.

No one is against Kazakhstan or other nations having just as close relations to the Russian Federation as we have,” Lukashenko told Pavel Zarubin of Russia 1 when asked about Astana’s recent comments regarding relations between Moscow and Minsk, which allows the two neighbors to share the nuclear shield.

One needs to join the Union State of Russia and Belarus, then there will be nuclear weapons for everyone,” he said. “We need to understand that we have a unique strategic chance to unite.”

Lukashenko added that he was only expressing his own opinion, which might not necessarily align with that of the Russians.

He is basically proposing a new Russian Union – only this one is based on traditional values, not communism.

Kazakhstan is a great example. They have had a lot of problems recently with the Americans trying to stir up a coup. In 2020, they had to invite in Russian special forces to put down an uprising of American-backed “protesters.”

Having nukes alone doesn’t totally prevent this, of course. Look at what is happening in Pakistan. However, this Union that Lukashenko is talking about involves nukes, maybe symbolically, and is in fact a more complex mutual defense pact, which would allow Russians to enter into the country to put down American “protesters” without needing a special invite.

The leadership of the Ukraine that was overthrown in 2014 no doubt wished they had some agreement like that. Russian peacekeepers could have prevented that, but the dumb leader of the Ukraine at the time thought he could handle the situation.