Judea Declares War on Roger Waters

The Jews won’t tolerate you disagreeing with them.

They are now going after Roger Waters – a pointed critic of Israel – for being against Nazism, saying that satirizing Nazism is the same thing as being a Nazi.

They’ve been trying to get at this guy for years. This is what they’ve come up with.

These people will not tolerate dissent. They will crush you, whoever you are.


German police have launched a criminal investigation into English rock legend and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters on suspicion of glorifying Nazism during two concerts in Berlin. The musician has insisted the performance was in opposition to fascism.

On Friday, in a statement quoted by several media outlets, the Berlin police said that Waters was suspected of inciting hatred, and that the probe was centered on his performances on May 17 and 18 in the German capital.

In footage posted on social media, the musician can be seen wearing a leather trench coat resembling a Nazi uniform with two crossed hammers and a red armband. He then proceeds to take a mock gun and shoot into the crowd.

“The context of the clothing worn is deemed capable of approving, glorifying or justifying the violent and arbitrary rule of the Nazi regime in a manner that violates the dignity of the victims and thereby disrupts public peace,” the police said.

The Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon suggested that Waters wanted to compare Israel to the Nazis, describing the musician as “one of the biggest Jew haters of our time.”

On Friday, the musician addressed the controversy, writing on Twitter that he had become a target of “bad faith attacks” from those who disagreed with his political views.

“The elements of my performance that have been questioned are quite clearly a statement in opposition to fascism, injustice and bigotry in all its forms”, he said, adding that he had spent his entire life speaking out “against authoritarianism and oppression.”

None of the media is quoting the part where he says he’s been doing the same bit for decades.

I’m a Pink Floyd fan, but I haven’t really followed Waters’s solo career that closely (it is, quite frankly, much less interesting than David Gilmour’s solo career).

I do, however, know that Waters has been doing a tour where he plays The Wall in full for a very long time. He does this, quite frankly, because his solo material was not very interesting.

I wrote about this a couple days ago when the Jews were first complaining, before the criminal charges were filed, and I noted that this is a very old bit, and pondered that he probably did it when he played The Wall in Berlin in 1990 to celebrate the Berlin Wall coming down.

Well, I looked up the performance from 1990. Here it is.

Indeed, it features the same insignia (from The Wall film) that the German cops are calling a “Nazi symbol.”

During the song in which he now wears the trenchcoat and armband, “In the Flesh,” Waters wore a military outfit which appears to parody a generic communist dictator. However, the “soldiers” at his sides when he enters appear to be wearing stahlhelm-like helmets and trench coats.

During the song, a group of men marched with banners featuring the “Nazi” symbol.

They then do synchronized dancing.

The show also featured a Nazi-ish torch march.

Again, the idea is that The Wall is against authoritarianism. The insignia they are calling a Nazi symbol, you’ll note, also features hammers, so it is also intended to reference Stalinism or communism generally. Waters is an anti-authoritarian liberal.

This performance was one of the biggest concerts ever in history, by the way.

Sinead O’Connor sang “Mother.”

In 2020, for the 30th anniversary of the event, DW published a piece about how Waters’s concert had helped the nation heal.

I didn’t realize it, but after the 1990 performance, Waters waited 20 years to tour with The Wall (probably as a result of litigation over his rights to perform it).

However, in 2010, he did a tour of The Wall, which lasted until 2013. On this tour, he wore the same uniform he is now apparently being prosecuted over.

This is a photo from the 2010 tour:

He performed in Germany more than ten times in total between 2011 and 2013.

It’s very funny that the first time he did this bit was in Germany. That concert served as the platform for this current thing he is doing, where he just goes all over the world and plays the same album over and over again.

Just for the record: when Pink Floyd toured as a full band for The Wall in 1980-81, Waters worse a more Nazi version of the costume, similar to the one he is wearing now.

Here’s the Waters “In the Flesh” costume from the 1980-81 tour from a museum exhibit:

They played 8 shows in Germany.

All of this is to say: Roger Waters has been performing this show, in this costume, in Germany, for 42 years.

Now, inexplicably, it’s a problem.

Of course, the reason it is a problem is that since 1981, and particularly over the last decade or so, Waters has gotten aggressively political. He is extremely anti-Israel, and he is against this Jewish war in the Ukraine. If you want more information on that, you can really just check the Roger Waters archive on the Daily Stormer.

Probably, the fact that I’ve been so supportive of him is one of the reasons the Jews are so obsessed with him.

For example, I wrote this on August 10, 2017 (the day before Charlottesville), in an article entitled “Roger Waters Attacks Traitors Who Side with the Jews by Playing Concerts in Israel“:

Roger Waters is one of the great celebrity anti-Semites of the age, one of the only famous men willing to stand up and call this ratfaced group of parasites what they are: pure evil.

The Daily Stormer 100% endorses his Crusade against these evil blood-sucking monsters, and equally condemns the traitors who are willing to sell-out their fellow goyim by entertaining these creatures with performances.

Looking at this archive now is a trip down memory lane, quite frankly.

A couple years ago, Waters was on a stream and said that CIA agent Jack Devine came to his house and threatened to kill him if he didn’t stop criticizing Israel.

That is a wild claim, but I seriously doubt he made it up whole cloth. Maybe the murder threat was implied, but that is always going to be implied when a top CIA agent shows up to your house making demands, isn’t it?

The Jews have been after our boy Roger for a long time.

He’s yet to apologize to them for anything.

I doubt Waters will actually end up in prison for this, even if they bring charges. But it could prevent him from ever returning to Germany, and they could, in theory, put out an EU-wide warrant for his arrest. Even now, with charges yet to be brought, it is no doubt creating a big personal problem for him. I’m sure it’s all he’s thinking about.

Our boy Roger gave a speech at the UN earlier this year.

He explained his worldview. All the old man has ever done is try to bring peace to the world, while also making a couple very good albums (and several not so good ones). Everyone either knows that or has no idea who he even is.

They Will Get You However They Get You

The Jews will get you any way they can get you. It is crazy to go after this old man for something he’s been doing for 40 years without a problem. But if you call it out for being insane and retarded, they will just laugh at you. What are you going to do about it, goy?

This shows what we already know – that the further we get away from World War II, the crazier this “Hitler, the Jews, Holocaust” stuff gets. This is in stark contrast to other historical events, which tend to get less important the further back in time you go.

I think the fact that this is being taken seriously also speaks to the fact that people are getting dumber. I mean, why is it left to me to point out that he’s been doing this same show – in Germany – for 42 years? How was that not the immediate reaction for everyone?

The important thing to note: the Jews will get you however they can get you. They will do anything they can get away with. It doesn’t have to make sense. As people get stupider, Jews require less and less of an excuse to do what they want to do.

The irony here is that the Germans, in threatening prosecution of Roger Waters for his art, are doing the exact thing they are constantly claiming the Nazis would do. Like, the whole opposition that leftists like Waters have with Nazism – and again, every other authoritarian system – is that it suppresses the freedoms of the individual. The key theme of The Wall is that authoritarianism suppresses artistic expression.