July 3rd “Mass Shooting” Suspect Identified as Aspiring Rapper

Great guess Marlene, ya busted old battle axe. Unfortunately, you were a little bit off.

Today is the 4th of July. In Philadelphia, 247 years ago, 56 men began gathered at the state house to declare independence from Britain.

There was a “mass shooting” last night in the city.

It turns out it was a black guy.

Five people were killed.

By their names, it appears they were all black.

People talk a lot about black crime. It’s important to remember that the overwhelming majority of this crime is against other blacks.

I would have figured after BLM, they would have started attacking white people more. They are doing it more – a lot more – but not really at the rate I would have expected by now.

They are basically legally allowed to kill white people. The Jews in the media have made that clear. But they mostly continue to kill other blacks, even though killing whites is much more profitable.

This is probably because: for blacks, killing is a sport. Killing whites is like an NBA player going to an elementary school to black pick-up basketball.

A lot of people are saying the guy is a tranny, citing this pic:

This looks to me like a situation of “they all look alike to me” and that pic just happened to go viral. There are regularly fake pictures spread online after a mass shooting.

But 4chan people do appear to have found the guy’s social media, so maybe that pic is real. He’s got all this BLM political stuff on his Facebook.

In what is an all-to-common display nowadays, the mayor came out after the shooting and instead of blaming “the wild nigger menace,” blamed gun stores.

It is obviously very unlikely that the shooter bought the gun at a store. Generally, blacks buy guns from one another, on the street, as they all live in places that do felony background checks, and most of them have felonies.

Philly… has been having a pretty hard time.