Kansas City “Mass Shooting” was Just Blacks Mad They Were Getting Looked at by Other Blacks

Lyndell Mays was just goofin’.

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The Kansas City superbowl victory celebration shooting was initially billed as a “mass shooting,” and it turned out being exactly what I said it was: black people shooting each other for no reason.

Did I say “shooting each other”? I meant “shooting at each other.” One random woman was killed, and 22 others injured. None of the blacks involved in the dispute were hit.

Now one of the shooters is arguing that he was just goofing.

New York Post:

One of the alleged shooters who opened fire at the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade told investigators he was “just being stupid” when he “advanced” on another group of individuals he had been arguing with before the deadly melee.  

Court documents obtained Tuesday provided more details on how a Super Bowl celebration quickly devolved into chaos and an exchange of gunfire that led to murder charges against Dominic Miller, 18, and 23-year-old Lyndell Mays.

Both men, armed with guns, got into an argument before the shooting unfolded among thousands of revelers, prosecutors alleged Tuesday. A female friend of Mays told police the opposing group of several individuals wanted to know why Mays was looking at them, court papers said.


I think people think I’m joking when I say that blacks will open fire on other blacks they have no relationship to at all because they think the other blacks are looking at them.

In reality, this happens all the time.

Mays, who was at the parade with two friends, started jawing with the group, according to a probable cause statement obtained by The Post. Mays was seen on surveillance footage approaching the group in an “aggressive” manner and later pointing his finger at them, the court docs said.

When Mays pulled his gun, he started to chase an unknown individual who appeared unarmed and shot at him, resulting in others drawing their guns, according to the legal papers.

Mays allegedly admitted to police that he pulled his gun first and began shooting first — even though he was in a crowded area that had throngs of kids, the court docs said. He allegedly said he pulled a gun because he believed the female friend in his group was going to be shot.

That nigga Lyndell flashing 20s on Insta

“May confirmed that he drew his gun first … and started shooting, all because they said, ‘I’m going to get you,’ and to him, that meant, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” the docs stated.

“Mays stated the other individuals started shooting only after [he] shot first.”

When investigators asked why he “advanced with them to begin with,” the alleged gunman replied, “Stupid, man. Just pulled a gun out and started shooting. I shouldn’t have done that. Just being stupid,” the docs stated.

Ah, don’t be too hard on yourself, bro.

This is America.

There’s a lot of people doing shit a lot stupider than that.

I’d go so far as to say that running up on a nigga at a crowded parade and opening fire because he looked at you is barely in the top 50th percentile of stupid things that happen in America.

The other shooter arrested was also black. Obviously. Apparently, there was a third shooter who got away.

It’s so funny that in current year America, you can open fire in a crowded place with a handgun and as long as you can outrun the cops, you’re home free.

Gun Control Gibberish

The media claimed that this was a “mass shooting,” and it was all over Twitter that people were using rifles to try to mow down crowds.

That nagging swamp ape Kamala released a video calling for gun control within hours of the news.

If any of this gun control shit was even serious, they would just say blacks shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. In the most recent Color of Crime report, blacks in New York were 85 times more likely to commit a felony with a firearm. Not 85% – 85 times.

A law that said “it’s illegal for anyone to sell a gun to a black man under the age of 50” would at least be reasonable. It would be unconstitutional, and I’m not sure how I would necessarily feel about it. But machine gun bans are unconstitutional already, so it’s not like we have a functioning Second Amendment right now.

Frankly, gun violence is not that big of a deal. I mean, it is for black people, but that is sort of their own problem. The whole BLM thing was Jewish, but the blacks were all out in the street screaming “abolish the police,” so if they now have 3 times the murder rate they had pre-Floyd, then that just is what it is.

No one wants this black shit spilling over into white areas, as it did at the Chiefs shooting, but it is very rare. There is a lot more black violence against whites now, but it rarely involves a firearm.

“Mass shootings” are usually done by whites, but they’re so rare. It’s like, bro, life is dangerous. You’re going to die. No matter what, you’re going to die. Get over it.

There is violence all over the world, and the only actual way to stem violence is to remove brown people, and then create a Christian society where mentally ill people don’t want to do mass murders.

Countries with gun control are not even safer, they just have fewer blacks.

Look, you repulsive ape:

In the biggest mass shooting in American history, Vegas 2017, 60 people died.

A year earlier, a “truck of peace” attack in Nice, France, killed 86 people.

Personally, I’d rather bleed out from a gun shot than have my guts spilled out everywhere by a big truck. But that’s not really the point. The point is, if someone wants to kill a lot strangers, you can’t stop them.

Further: the same people trying to take your guns tried to force you to take the Pfizer vax. They don’t care if you die. What they do not want is a bunch of people with rifles running up on government officials, which is why they regulate rifles even though the overwhelming majority of gun deaths are from handguns (virtually all black people and suicides).

You’re three times more likely to be killed with a knife than a rifle.