US Soldier Sets Himself on Fire While Shouting “Free Palestine” Outside Jew Embassy

When you’ve got people setting themselves on fire, you’ve reached a point where the people really feel as if they have no ability whatsoever to influence the policies of the government.

Democracy is now in complete overload mode, where the views of the people are effectively the diametric opposite of the policies of the government.

How long can such extreme democracy remain viable?

The Guardian:

A man is in a critical condition after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, authorities said on Sunday.

The Metropolitan police department said it responded to an incident on International Drive around 1pm to assist the Secret Service. Fire and emergency services said the man had serious burn injuries.

“An adult male was transported by DC Fire and EMS [Emergency Medical Services] to a local hospital where they remain in critical condition,” the police department said on Twitter/X.

A video posted online which showed a man in a uniform shouting “Free Palestine” as he burned and also identified himself as an active US Air Force member, appeared to be the man in the incident, according to multiple officials, the Washington Post reported. An Air Force spokesperson told the Post they had not identified the man, who was reportedly on fire for about a minute before law enforcement put it out.

I want to say that this is stupid.

If he was actually willing to die for the cause, there are several other things he could have done that would have sent a more efficient message.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.