Kanye’s Listening Party Shut Down by Broadcaster After He Declares Himself “Still an Antisemite”

Why is he wearing the Jason mask? I’ve found it’s just to be weird that he does these things. Acting bizarre is an easy substitute for creativity, as you can suggest that the people who don’t understand your bizarre gestures “just don’t get it.” In reality, there is nothing to “get.” It’s just weird, stupid crap.

This was on Thursday night. I saw it earlier but didn’t report on it, because I forgot. I’ve got a lot going on right now, and this whole week is probably going to be filler trash, actually. (Sometimes I say that and then the week ends up being really good, by the way – so you’ll have to come check regardless.)

Despite late reporting, this listening party shutdown is probably worth noting for people who have followed the Kanye West antisemitism saga.

The last we’d heard in this saga was that Kanye released an apology letter to the Jews. For some reason written in the Hebrew language, the letter said he was sorry for hurting their feelings. He further claimed that he was going to release a 40-minute apology video to the Jews, though to my knowledge, that is not out yet.

Kanye’s latest album, which is garbage, called “Vultures,” was debuting on Thursday at a “listening party,” and for some reason he said “I’m still crazy, bipolar, antisemite, and I’m still the king.”

As you can see in this clip, that resulted in the sound immediately being cut, as the broadcaster, Veeps, apparently had some deal where he wasn’t allowed to talk about Jews at the event.

This is typical, really. There are two dogs inside Kanye: one that hates the Jews, and another that wants to be very rich and famous.

It’s obvious that his “wife,” a fat white bitch with a disgusting fat ass and gross misshapen tits, is pushing him to “be a good boy” and not upset the Jewish overlords. But he himself, being a rebellious little boy, wants to keep pushing the issue. So this results in a kind of schizophrenic message, where he is apologizing to the Jews in-between denouncements of the Jews.

Regardless, I think the whole mess has been a net negative for global antisemitism, as it now looks as though antisemites are a bunch of irate niggers.

I suppose the initial thing was very good, where Kanye came out and gave some rather mild criticisms of the Jews, and then had billions of dollars taken from him in response. This showed that the Jews are as powerful as any antisemite claims they are. But after that point, this has been a shit show.

The only funny part of all of this is that Kanye called Ozzy Osbourne and asked to use a sample from Black Sabbath at the party, and Ozzy said no, and he went ahead and used it anyway. Now, Ozzy and his Jew wife are threatening a lawsuit.

The Osbournes suck badly, so causing them to have a total freakout is funny.

So I guess I have to give that to Kanye.

Calling up and asking permission and being denied and then using the sample anyway is very funny.