King Nick Redpills Iowa Boomercons at Immigration Convention, Mass Kvetching Ensues!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2019

Nick “Boomer Whisperer” Fuentes has been busy stumping for America First in heartland America.

During the week, he gave an incredible speech to a church full of Boomers that red-pilled them on the treachery of the GOP establishment and the dangers of the demographic change being engineered by the Democrats to take over America.

You can get that speech in… uh… well, you can only get it here actually because Boomers do not record their events, so all we have is an audience member’s phone recording:

Nick “Ovenmaster” Fuentes went full cookie mode and DUNK’d on TPUSA pro-immigration talking points:

But once the media caught wind of King Nick’s speech at the immigration debate, the disavowals started pouring in.


Iowa congressional candidate Bobby Schilling has fired his campaign political coordinator. The blowback comes after an immigration forum at a church in Bettendorf on Monday that featured a far-right activist with links to nationalists.

Schilling, a Republican candidate for Iowa’s 2nd District, told News 8 he fired his campaign field director Michael Sisco, after it became clear to him that Sisco allowed far-right activist Nicholas Fuentes to speak at the forum.

This Bobby Schilling character has a very fitting last name: schilling. 

As in “schilling for the Chamber of Commerce and selling out Amerikaners for 30 pieces of silver.”

“There`s no room for hate and any of that stuff,” he said. He condemned Fuentes’ presence and his remarks Monday night. “This guy was infiltrated into this program unbeknownst to anyone that was there.”

Fuentes, a self-described nationalist media personality, was not on the evening’s published program, organized by the Scott County Teenage Republicans. But Schilling said only Sisco and one other person not affiliated knew about Fuentes’ presence ahead of time.

So you mean to tell me that Nick Fuentes just showed up and got an entire room of Republican voters to himself for almost an hour? This, despite him being the rebel leader of a revolt against Cuckservatism who was all over the news not even a month ago?

Was it really that easy? 

What were all those costumed idiots doing all this time? Why wasn’t anyone going to these events to red-pill Boomers like Nick has done?

Just incredible.

“As everyone thought the event was over, a speaker came out from the basement of the church and got up and started speaking.”

“And then as we listened to him for about 7-8 minutes, it was like, what is this guy talking about? He’s definitely not anything that the Republican Party stands for,” he said.

Other speakers, including Schilling’s opponent, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who also spoke at the event, have issued statements condemning the controversial speaker.

Miller-Meeks’ statement reads:

“I’ve spent my life and career trying to treat everyone with the same respect that I would want to be treated with. As I said yesterday, I wasn’t aware who Nick Fuentes was or what he represented. Had I known, I would not have attended and I certainly would have encouraged the Scott County Teenage Republicans to cancel his appearance. He stands for hate speech. His views are racist and anti-Semitic and they in no way reflect my own. There is no room in this country for racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and hate. I celebrate people of all backgrounds.”

Except, of course, White people.

Schilling said Michael Sisco admitted he was responsible for bringing Fuentes in. He said he hired Sisco at the beginning of November. During the hiring, “we ask if you’re affiliated with any hate groups. We also check all their (social media) content,” but he found no red flags. It wasn’t until he and others began digging after the forum that his son discovered a hate tweet Sisco posted after he was hired, Schilling said.

“As soon as I got that, I terminated anything to do with him and he was done at that moment.”

Well the damage is already done, Mr. Shill.

The Boomers got red-pilled, and more importantly we have proof of concept now. The audience was receptive to Nick’s message and was very eager to engage during the Q&A.

I think this is the start of something new and wonderful!

No convention will be safe from future Zoomerwaffen red-pill rescue operations. Crowds of hoodwinked Boomercons are going to be shown the light! We need to see more of this going forward!