KKK Antisemite Biden Tells Time Magazine That Bibi is Prolonging the Gaza Slaughter for Political Gain

Joe Biden had gone full antisemite, suggesting that Bibi Netanyahu is only continuing to mass murder children in Gaza because it’s good for his political career. The real reason Bibi is doing this is because of the Holocaust in the 1940s when Adolf Hitler put all the Jews’ shoes in a big pile.

The fact that Biden is a rabid antisemite hellbent on exterminating the Jews is just one more reason we need to vote really hard for Donald Trump in 2024. Trump will be bringing in Nikki Haley, who is one of the only Indians in American politics who is willing to give everything Americans own to the Jews.

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This week, Trump lashed out against Biden, saying that when he is installed as president, he will finish off the Palestinians.

The Jews themselves are demanding Trump.

The Hill:

In an IDI poll conducted in early May, 42.5 percent of Israeli Jews surveyed said a second Trump presidency would be good for Israel, while only 32 percent said Biden is the better president for Israel’s interest.

Biden is now openly calling for the destruction of Israel.

The Guardian:

Joe Biden has said that there is “every reason” to draw the conclusion that Benjamin Netanyahu is prolonging the war in Gaza for his own political self-preservation.

Biden made the remarks about the Israeli prime minister in an interview with Time magazine published on Tuesday morning, drawing a sharp response from the Israeli government, which accused the US president of straying from diplomatic norms.

Netanyahu’s popularity plummeted after the 7 October attack by Hamas, which exposed serious flaws in Israeli security. Most political observers say Netanyahu would lose elections if they were held now, and would be forced into opposition, facing court hearings on corruption charges. But elections have been put off until the war is over, or at least until major military operations are deemed to have been completed.

Time asked Biden whether he believed Netanyahu was “prolonging the war for his own political self-preservation”.

“I’m not going to comment on that,” the president said in response, but added: “There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion.”

He went to discuss some of the internal political problems Netanyahu was facing before the war.

Asked if he wanted to clarify Biden’s response, the US national security council spokesperson, John Kirby, said: “I think the president was very clear in his answer on that, and we’ll let the prime minister speak to his own politics. The president was referencing what many critics have said.”

In response, the Israeli government spokesperson, David Mencer, said Biden’s remarks about Netanyahu and Israeli politics were “outside the diplomatic norms of every right-thinking country”.

It’s time for Biden to go.

We need a real fighter in the White House, who will take revenge on the Gazans for the Holocaust.