UK to Open First Ever AI-Run NHS Clinic

In case you’ve never been to one of these UK government hospitals, allow me to explain something to you: they are run by Somalians, which type your symptoms into a computer, and then tell you which pills you’re supposed to take.

In the very worst case scenario, by replacing this with AI, all you’re doing is cutting out the middle-man and reducing the risk of the Somalian not being able to read which pills he’s supposed to give you, or giving you the wrong pills for some other reason.

The Guardian:

The first NHS AI-run physiotherapy clinic is to be rolled out this year in an effort to cut waiting times amid growing demand and staff shortages.

The new platform will provide same-day automated video appointments with a digital physiotherapist via an app that responds to information provided by a patient in real time.

It is the first platform of its kind to be approved by the health regulator, the Care Quality Commission, as a registered healthcare provider.

Patients seeking physiotherapy for issues such as back pain can be referred to the platform Flok Health through a community or primary care healthcare setting, such as their GP. They can also self-refer directly into the service.

The service aims to provide faster care and reduce waiting times and pressure on clinicians, those behind it say.

Waiting lists for treatment for ­musculoskeletal (MSK) problems such as back, neck, and knee pain have grown by 27% since January last year. According to the NHS website, more than 30m working days are lost to MSK conditions every year in the UK, and they account for up to 30% of GP consultations in England.

However, some in the industry say that AI cannot yet replicate the skill of a fully trained physiotherapist, and that treatment needs to be nuanced due to the complexity of cases.

The AI clinic is scheduled to launch with its first NHS partners this summer, although no specific dates could be provided.

Even in the US, where healthcare is supposedly better because it’s not a jobs program run by the government, I’d like to see doctors replaced by robots.

Any “doctor” who is not called “surgeon” literally just googles symptoms and does whatever it says on WebMD or whatever. This has been the case for decades. It’s basically a fake job. Gas station attendants do more real work. At least they have to physically stock shelves with Slim Jims and energy drinks.

I cringe at these predictions about the majority of jobs disappearing overnight, because nothing like that ever happens.

But most workers are worthless and should be replaced with robots.