Kremlin Accurately States That Biden Debased the US by Calling Putin a “Crazy Sonovabitch”

The world saw the Tucker interview.

Brandon looks a bit unhinged calling Putin “crazy.”

He sure doesn’t appear to be crazy.


Americans should be ashamed of their leader after their president reportedly called Russia’s Vladimir Putin a “crazy S.O.B.” during a public event, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said. Joe Biden’s alleged name-calling occurred during a fundraiser on Wednesday.

According to US media, Biden singled out the Russian president while arguing that climate change was a worse threat for humanity than a nuclear conflict.

Officials in Washington have claimed that Putin resorted to “nuclear blackmail” when discussing the Ukraine conflict. Moscow has denied this characterization.

“This is a great disgrace for [the US],” Peskov said on Thursday, when asked about the reported incident. “If the president of that nation uses that kind of language, that is shameful.”

The spokesman suggested that Biden was emulating a “Hollywood cowboy” to appeal to domestic audiences. Such remarks “can hardly hurt any foreign head of state, let alone President Putin,” Peskov added.

Yeah, he should have went full cowboy and called him a rootin’-tootin’ son-ov-a-gun.

Then he should have started scalping entire villages of Mexicans like in Blood Meridian.

If Brandon wants to be a cowboy, he needs to do some really sick Cormac McCarthy shit to some Latino children.