BUSTED: Many Female Prison Guards Caught Having Sex with Inmates

Women cannot control their sexuality. This is fully understood.

The only way they can control their sexuality is when there is a massive society-wide system of shame imposed on unmarried non-virgins. Even that only works so far, but it kinda works.

Therefore, putting women in positions where they have the opportunity to engage in illicit sex – whether it be as a school teacher or a prison guard – is ensuring that women will engage in this illicit sex. It’s no different than putting a hungry dog in a room full of primo steaks and then being shocked and outraged when he starts gorging himself.

New York Post:

At least 30 Kentucky prison guards had inappropriate relations with inmates in just 16 months — with one female staffer becoming pregnant by a prisoner — while another 14 smuggled in drugs, according to a report.

After a protracted battle with state officials over records access, The Herald-Leader newspaper obtained a trove of internal reports that offered a rare glimpse into official misconduct behind prison walls.

The documents pertained to cases that arose over 16 months, ending in November 2023.

In one incident, Trista Fox, 39, was charged with third-degree rape in December 2022 after fellow guards walked in on her having sex with a Kentucky State Penitentiary inmate in Lyon County.

Trista Fox

Another female guard who resigned after being confronted about her relationship with an inmate told investigators that she was vulnerable to her jailed pursuer’s romantic advances.

In another instance, an Owensboro probation officer became pregnant by a convict out on parole last year.

A female corrections officer was terminated from the Sandy Correctional Complex in Elliott County in 2022 after a staffer saw an inmate meet with her 25 times in a matter of hours in different prison dorm areas.

Akira Jones, 20, a corrections deputy with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Memphis since May, was taken into custody this week after an internal investigation, officials said.

Akira Jones

Two female South Dakota prison employees — one guard and one nurse — are currently facing charges for having sex with inmates.

Anyone who didn’t expect this knows nothing.

People believe the stuff they see in movies, where women have a sense of morality, and an ability to feel guilt or a sense of personal dignity. No woman has that. These characters in films are written by men who assume women must have these traits.

The films/shows are extremely powerful in shaping men’s views of women. After all, your subconscious brain doesn’t really recognize a difference between things you see on a screen and things you see in real life, and you see a lot more detail about women on screens than you see in real life, so you end up believing there are “good women” and “bad women” and that the good ones have these male traits of morality, dignity, honor, respect, and so on.

No women have those traits.

The only thing that women respond to is the threat of being publicly shamed. That’s why even hookers operate at night in dark places and back rooms. It’s why there are still some women who are not on OnlyFans, even though the whole society has said that there is nothing shameful about OnlyFans. There is still some lingering sense of shame for some women. If there were not, then 100% of women would be on OnlyFans.

When it comes to sex with prisoners or schoolboys, they don’t worry about the shame, because they assume they won’t get caught.

Obviously, most of them don’t get caught. A lot of them do. But at this point, we have to assume they’re all doing it.