Kremlin Refuses to Confirm or Deny Whether Putin is a Gamer

It’s really obvious that Putin is a gamer.

How else would he know so much about stratagems?


The Kremlin has said that it has no information if Russian President Vladimir Putin plays any video games.

“I am unaware that the president had played video games. I have never seen it and have not heard this from him,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

Putin briefly mentioned video games during his meeting with a group of young entrepreneurs at a business expo in Moscow on Tuesday.

Vasily Ovchinnikov, the head of Russia’s Organization for the Development of the Video Game Industry, asked the president if he had “played on his off-days.”

“I play on my working days,” Putin replied, in what was widely understood as a joke.

The president previously agreed to bring up opening the BRICS markets to Russian developers at the upcoming summit in August.

In 2022, Putin said he found it “concerning that video games are more in demand than books and music.” He argued that, apart from being entertaining, good games should be educational and help “develop one’s intellect.


Sounds like a Paradox shill.

Actually, I’m a Paradox shill now that Paradox posted this meme:

I saw that meme, and was like “maybe I should get Age of Wonders 4?”

But then I realized that, once again, Paradox has released a half-finished game while planning to sell you the other half as DLC.

This model is total bullshit, and it is now standard for 4X games.

If you want to sell a $100 game, then just sell the game for $100. Don’t sell people a half finished game and then sell them $60 worth of DLC to make the game good.

Russia actually makes good video games, to be fair.

Their biggest recent major hit was Escape from Tarkov, which developed a newish genre of “extraction shooters” that Western companies are now ripping off.

Bungie just announced a “Tarkov-like” game.

I couldn’t get into Atomic Heart, but it is very popular. The trade press gave negative reviews in order to stand with the Ukraine, but the user reviews are good.

The biggest game they’ve made is World of Tanks, which is an autistic tank game.

I really like some of their Fallout 1&2 tribute games, including the ATOM RPG series.

And of course, they made the original good video game – Tetris.

Though that was a long time ago.

In general, Russia is getting beaten at video games by Poland, which is embarrassing. I would like to see more investment into the Russian game industry, as they are clearly capable of making games, and Russian games will make young people like Russia.

Look at the way young people love Japan, even though that country really sucks ass.