Kyrie Off the Team After Backing Out of Suckjob on the Jews


Apparently, he gave another new apology after the suspension.

The saga continues. That was late Thursday night, so we’ll see this morning if the Jews accept this. They probably will accept it, but then he has to do the public groveling that he failed the first time.

Kyrie does not have much spine. But at this point, he took it far enough that everyone saw, yet again, that these negroes are owned. They can have all the money and fame they want, but only if massa says so.


The press conference (see below) was whatever, I honestly didn’t really understand what was going on there, but apparently after that he told people in private he was not going any further with this Jewish suck-job. He’s officially been kicked off of the Nets.

They announced he’s suspended for at least five games and will only be allowed back if he really sucks those Jews hard. Frankly, it wasn’t even clear to me that kicking Kyrie off the team was among the options here. But he must have known that.

If I were the Jews and I had just taken two billion dollars from the artist formerly known as Kanye West, I think I probably would have handled this with a bit more finesse.

They are so used to having total power, they just can’t imagine that some uppity negroes would cause them a problem. But they have created a problem for themselves. Everyone sees what just happened here.

God bless Kyrie. I know I gave him shit, but I also know he heard about that shit I gave him. I gotta hold my boys to account, no? He’s gotta defend his people, just like I’ve defended my people. I don’t think he cares much about whites, but that isn’t the point. The point is, Jews are everyone’s enemies, they control all of us, and we don’t have any option but to stand up and fight.

Original article follows.

It appears that Andrew Anglin got under Kyrie Irving’s dark skin, having called him a house nigger and a race traitor for bowing down to his Jewish masters.

This week, Irving pledged $500,000 to the Jew Anti-Defamation League because he watched a documentary that the Jews did not like. The Jewish head of the NBA, Adam Silver, claimed that he was not apologizing hard enough. The media came to him and demanded that he apologize harder.

Just try to imagine that you claim you are not a house nigger and not a race traitor when you sell out the blacks to Adam Silver.

Kyrie was waffling hard. He was trying to say “oh but we were slaves though.” He apparently doesn’t understand that this only works as a talking point when you’re attacking whites. Jews do not care about your slavery. Jews care that they control you, they care that you bow.

Kyrie said he didn’t make the documentary, which is true. But he was never accused of that. He was accused of watching it. The Jews said that he is not allowed to watch it, and he was supposed to apologize for watching it. The money is not enough.

What’s more: he apparently didn’t personally attend the ADL meeting.

Massa came out and said he ain’t done good enough.

He’s got work to do. He work used to be picking cotton, now his work is sucking Jew cock. If I were him, I’d have taken the cotton job, frankly.

What are you doing, Kyrie?

Go one way or the other!

Go full kike-sucker, or stand up for your race!

You can’t do both at the same time. What you said about the Jews being victims is a lie. I don’t necessarily endorse you people whining about slavery, but I will agree with you that slavery actually happened. The Holocaust literally did not happen. It’s a hoax, like it said in that documentary you posted. We all know it’s a hoax, and we’re not going to get anywhere by lying and claiming it was real.

It’s all or nothing, Kyrie.

Fight for your people, or don’t.

There are plenty of blacks who don’t fight. Plenty of blacks take the money and sell their people out. You won’t be unique for doing that.

You could be a hero, if you want, or you could just be a standard sellout.