Latvia Bans Unvaccinated People from Supermarkets, But Only 48% are Fully Vaccinated!

You wish your dystopia was all brutalist and somber-sexy. Instead, it’s just a bunch of wacky faggot nonsense and forced gene therapy among the same ugly 20th century modernist buildings.

In August 12, 2020, Andrew Anglin wrote “It is very likely that people who refuse to be vaccinated will become second-class citizens, being totally deprived of their basic rights to work and buy food in stores.”

It’s important to watch smaller countries, because they test out things there that they plan to use on a wider scale. It’s pretty much an established fact that the reason the British and American media is so aggressively refusing to report on the situation in Australia is that they want to implement all of that stuff in our countries.

So – what’s going on in Latvia?

Oh, they’ve declared an entirely new state of emergency, and they’re banning the unvaccinated from buying food?

Medical Xpress:

Latvia has declared a three-month state of emergency starting from Monday following a surge in COVID-19 infections to record levels, as its vaccination rate remains one of the lowest in the EU.

The number of daily infections is now well over 1,000 in the Baltic country of 1.9 million people, overtaking the peak infection rate seen during the pandemic earlier this year.

Under the new rules, masks are now obligatory in all buildings accessible by the general public and anyone employed in government must have a vaccine by November 15 at the latest.

Unvaccinated people will not be allowed into supermarkets and only shops considered essential will be allowed to open at weekends.

All Latvians are being encouraged to work from home where possible.

Only 48 percent of Latvians are fully vaccinated—the fourth-worst vaccination rate in the European Union after Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.

As noted above, being banned from the supermarket was in the Hoax Watch prediction model.

Of course, they’re not just going to force people to starve outright – at least not for a while longer – and they will probably have something where the unvaxed can use an app to fill out their grocery list and have it delivered to their cars. The vaxed-up slave delivering your food will spit in your vegetables and call you “pureblood scum.”

The clamps will continue to tighten in the cities, until you do get to the point where they basically tell you to either get the shot or starve to death. Of course, at that point, you won’t be able to leave the city, as all roads will be blockaded by the military.

Or maybe by, you know – Umbrella.

The window to get out of these cities is closing rapidly.

Unless you’ve already fled to Brazil or Sub-Saharan Africa or something, then you should be out of the city.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend being in a city in Brazil or Africa either, as we’re teetering on the edge of a full global economic collapse, which is going to hit the third world almost as hard as it’s going to hit America.

You need to understand that the decisions you’re making now are going to stay with you, long term. It might not feel like that. But that is the case. By not making decisions, you are making decisions.