Laura Ingraham Nails Trump to the Wall for Flooding America with H1-B Indian Stinkapes!

Roy Batty (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2020

I’ve never seen a conservative confront Donald Trump to his face on the fact that he has completely backed off of his America First program like this. Laura Ingraham’s latest interview with the president was hard-biting – she did not play nice with Trump at all.

At one point she says, “I thought we were getting America First” and then you can actually see Trump visibly panic before recovering and trotting out the talking points about how the corporations need more workers because of the “booming” economy.

The conservative base is rebelling against Trump’s inability to deliver on any of his key campaign promises. It’s not just us anymore.

The entire ship is on fire.

What’s worse, I can’t even find any conservative media covering this incredible grilling session that Trump got from Laura on what will soon be infamously known as his “Pajeet Pivot.”

To be fair, the interview was long and a lot of it focused on Iran and the recent strikes. But I’m tired of that; the crisis seems to be over and Trump can’t even give a coherent answer for what happened anyway. What discussion can be even had about Iran without pointing out the obvious: the Jews told him to assassinate the Iranian general and that he went ahead and did it?

There wasn’t ever even going to be a war because apparently Iranians talk some good smack, but when the rubber hits the road they choke and blow up their own passenger jets. 

And then on a fundamental level, why are we even having debates about the Iran war when only 23% of Americans can find Iran on a map? And of that small fraction, the people who can tell you about the differences between Shiites and Sunnis is even smaller.

If you try and ask them about the US’ security interest in the region, you’ll only get a blank stare back – partly because the US doesn’t have any and is only in the Middle East to fight Israel’s wars. And no one anywhere in the mainstream media is going to tell you that anyway!

The real issue that faces Americans is the complete demographic replacement going on right now that Trump was elected to stop. But at some point, Trump decided to repeat Talking Points USA slogans instead of sticking to the America First platform that he was elected to run on.

Despite the incredible grassroots groyper pushback that these horrible ideas received when Charlie Kirk trotted them out on college campuses, Donald Trump apparently didn’t get the memo that they have all been soundly rejected and that the people – his people – want him to stick to America First!

This is again partially explained by the fact that Trump is a Boomer who does not know how to use the internet and so probably doesn’t even know that his own son (and his milf) got booed off stage and Talking Points got literally chased off campus by young conservatives led by King Nick.

Trump has zero energy behind him at this point. Just boomers.

There could be a rough road ahead in this election cycle.

Especially if Bernie gets the nod.