Fox Fires Former Tucker Producer for Calling Biden a “Wannabe Dictator” in Chyron

To be fair, I would fire someone over calling Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator.”

Firstly, his name is Brandon. Secondly, he should be insulted with something more accurate, such as “goofball” or “nigger.”


A longtime producer for Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News after he was deemed responsible for the on-air headline that referred to President Joe Biden as a “wannabe dictator” because of the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

The producer, Alex McCaskill, confirmed his exit in an Instagram post. Fox News did not comment on Friday.

He had remained at Fox after Carlson, the network’s most popular personality, was fired on April 24. The reason for Carlson’s sudden ouster, less than a week after Fox agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787 million to end a defamation case, has never been publicly explained.

It was during the last minutes of Carlson’s former time slot on Tuesday when the message appeared under separate onscreen boxes that showed Biden and Trump talking. It read: “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.”

Carlson, in a Twitter monologue posted Thursday, said “the women who run the network panicked” about the post and scolded the person responsible. Carlson didn’t name the producer, but said he was “considered one of the most capable persons in the building.”

The producer offered to resign with two weeks’ notice, but was told to clean out his desk and leave immediately, he said.

Fox, in a statement on Wednesday, said the chyron had been taken down and the issue “addressed,” without further explanation.

McCaskill was named this spring in a lawsuit filed by a former Fox producer, Abby Grossberg, who also worked on Carlson’s staff. Her lawsuit said McCaskill “habitually belittled female employees” at Fox. He said that a room at Fox set aside for employees to pump breast milk was a “waste of space” and should be replaced with a room for men to tan their testicles, according to the lawsuit.

You could possibly say that using any insult in a chyron is unprofessional, depending on the context. All of the primetime commentary shows use this kind of language, and feature it in their chyrons.

Sean Hannity’s show is just a long list of insults of democrats (interspersed with various pledges of allegiance to Israel and the promotion of endless global war). A lot of it is crass.

With regards to “dictator” being used specifically, a quick search finds various Fox people invoking the word repeatedly.

I would imagine Hannity says it every night.

It seems like they were not only looking for an excuse to fire a guy – who could have been fired over the lawsuit – but also sending some kind of message.

The media acted like this was a big deal, despite the fact that Fox regularly uses this language. What’s more: all of the liberal stations use similar language.

MSNBC is intended to be a left version of Fox News, and if you watch Rachel Maddow or that Pakistani guy with the British accent, all they do is level childish insults.

They used the term “dictator” daily to describe Trump, and have even used it to describe DeSantis.

This is just some random thing that the media seized on for reasons that are not totally clear.

John Cusack, the actor from the 1980s, said that Fox should have their license pulled. All kinds of people were talking about this seemingly very standard thing.

It went all the way to the top – the mop-headed individual known only as “Le Tanned Frenchman” was asked about the chyron at a press briefing.

This seems similar to outrage over Roger Waters doing a satire Nazi bit he’s been doing for 40 years. All the sudden, something that has always been happening is some issue.

I can’t get the timeline, exactly, but it seems like Fox triggered the criticism on purpose by immediately apologizing. If they hadn’t have apologized, no one would have noticed.

Fox has been looking for these opportunities to signal, as they are trying to do something. It’s not clear exactly what. I guess they are trying to moderate in some way.

They keep suggesting Tucker was fired over the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit, but he called that out as a hoax. He was clearly fired because they did not want him on air during the election.

I will say it is funny that Tucker Carlson referred to “the women who run the network.”

I lol’d.

The rest of the Tucker piece though was really bad garbage.

The extended “oh Joe Biden isn’t a dictator” bit just simply sucked ass.

It sucked different types of ass. Firstly, it was not funny. Secondly, Joe Biden literally is not a dictator, and it is a stupid line. Dictators are strongmen who seize power through force and rule for life (or are the progeny or appointed successors of such men). Joe Biden is a weak and totally senile figurehead for a Jewish oligarchy, appointed by that oligarchy after he was already senile through a ridiculously fake election.

Is Tucker writing this trash himself?

I guess he can make the argument in court – where Fox is suing him for violating a non-compete contract he signed and is getting paid from – that he’s not actually doing his old show, because his Fox show had good writers.

The whole thing is frankly confusing. He is pretending to be “just posting on social media” because his contract allows that, and I think the length – just similar to the monologues of his old show, rather than a real show – is for that purpose. He is also foregoing graphics. But he is also doing retarded stuff, like using the same studio and – get this – he is numbering the episodes and referring to them as episodes.

I guarantee that the fact he’s labeling episodes is used to prove he is “doing a show.”

If he was a real nigga, he would just forego the cash from the contract and ride dirty on Rumble, doing a fully produced show like so many others are currently doing. (I’ve been watching Rumble lately, and the main promoted shows are all as well produced as anything on Fox, and they are now getting similar view counts to Fox, according to their own numbers, which might be fake.)

The fact he won’t give up the money is proof enough that he doesn’t really give a shit. Who the hell needs $20 million a year? He must have over $100 million already, maybe $200 million, when you consider the way people with that much money manage investments.