Leftists and the Jews: An Occupy Wall St. Case Study

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2014

Someone sent me this screenshot of a post on the Occupy Wall St. Facebook page:

Occupy Wall Street Coming Down on the Kikes

I was interested, so I found the page, which is actually not the biggest OWS page, but has about 700,000 followers.  By the time I got there, the above image had already been deleted, but I went through and looked at some of their other pics.

A lot of stuff like this:

occupy darren wilson murderer23

But that is to be expected.  We know these people love the Blacks and hate the White man.

I was interested in what they think about Jews.

They are definitely anti-Israel.

not anti jew anti israel in jeruslaem israel in America?  No thanks

Apparently, they view Israelis as “White men” oppressing the poor disenfranchised brown folks.

The Jews claim this is Antisemitism.  It isn’t, actually.  But, it could lead to that.  When I saw the first screenshot of the Juden pic, I thought maybe it was leading that way.

But it isn’t really.  At least not in this case study of one Occupy Facebook page.  But leftists always have such a hive mind, I am inclined to think this is pretty representative of the general trends.  It jives with all of the other leftist material I see on Jews.

Interestingly, they believe in the “ISIS is an Israeli Mossod operation” conspiracy theory.

isis caliph isis israeli ISIS is Israeli isis is israeli secret intelligence service

As the reader is probably aware, I have always thought this conspiracy theory was not particularly grounded in fact, and was being used as a way to apologize for Muslims by claiming they are “not savages” in the way these leftists are using the theory.

kkk and isis christianity islam

Regrettably, Mr. Occupy, the KKK does represent traditional Christianity in the same way that ISIS represents traditional Islam.

The Leftist Issue

Leftists hate rich people, which is fine.  No one really likes these people.  They are also pro-environment, which I agree with.  Beyond that, the whole thing is just pretty goofy.

They are still very much tied to the Marxist egalitarian concept, and thought there are times when that is agreeable – such as in the case of Israel, banker Jews, multinational corporations – it is very much more often cartoonishly harmful – Blacks have a right to attack people on the street and if you’re White and you defend yourself you’re a cold-blooded murderer, Islam is secretly a peaceful religion somehow because Muslims don’t believe in their own texts, we should have unlimited immigrants because if it wasn’t for Whites third world nations wouldn’t be so poor, and so on.

Because of this egalitarianism, they will always be the friend of the Jew.  Though I support any and all attempts to make the leftist scene more anti-Jew, as it is a net gain in the larger scheme of things, we can’t really expect much out of these people, even if, on the surface, we agree on a few things.

The good news is that the leftist movement is collapsing in on itself.

Rebellion is a natural thing when the system is wrong.  Young people have a desire to fight against something, to fix things, make the world better.  The whole energy that it had was in that it was fighting against something, but more and more, all of their positions are the same as the ruling establishment.  Though they attack Obama as a warmonger, they agree with him about nearly everything else.

We are the hip scene.  We actually are fighting the establishment.  We actually are persecuted for it.  We actually want real change which will benefit the most disenfranchised people on the planet.

More and more, youthful rebellion is coming our way, rather than toward the tired old clichés of the leftist scene.