Lindsey Graham is Now a Ukraine Skeptic – Still Think This is Real?

Vladimir Zelensky came to Washington to get jerked off – not to explain what the hell is going on in his shithole, and where all the money disappeared to.

I think this is all fake.

Democrats won’t agree to border funding? Why not? They allocate it, they can just use it to process more immigrants. Thomas Massie said that, but stopped short of saying that Democrat refusal to fund the border is just an excuse to end the funding of the Ukraine, because they want the money and weapons for Israel.


Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky has failed to provide any new arguments in defense of his cause during his talks in Washington with American lawmakers, several senators and representatives, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, have told the media in the wake of the meeting on Tuesday.

Mike Johnson is horrible. There is no difference between him and McCarthy, at all.

Except that he’s against the Ukraine war – providing an easy excuse for the Democrats.

Zelensky arrived in the capital to hold a series of meetings with top US officials to save a $61-billion aid package for Kiev that remains in limbo. Last week, GOP senators blocked the Biden administration’s major $111-billion supplemental funding request, which included aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, citing the Democrats’ reluctance to address the tense situation on the US-Mexico border.

Some Republicans have also repeatedly pointed to the lack of accountability in terms of the funds Washington had spent on helping Ukraine.

According to senior GOP senator Lindsey Graham, Tuesday’s meeting has failed to bring about any changes in the lawmakers’ stance. “Nothing has changed,” he told journalists. The South Carolina senator, who emerged as a staunch supporter of Kiev amid its conflict with Moscow, explained that, although he would like to aid Ukraine, border security comes first.

“I admire him, but he didn’t change my mind at all about what we need to do,” Graham said, referring to Zelensky and adding that the Democrats were supposedly trying to “use” the Ukrainian leader “in a way that I think wasn’t helpful.” “I want to secure the border,” the senator said, adding that the number of people supposedly linked to various terrorist groups that were crossing America’s southern border was “just chilling.”

Yeah, so. Lindsey Graham is now a Ukraine funding skeptic.

Think about that.

This is “Mr. War Forever.”

Remember when he went to Kiev and giggled about how he wants “more dead Russians”?

It was one of the most bizarre clips. I guess it’s a gay thing – the Russians are anti-gay, so it’s a gay sexual thing to want to murder them. I have no idea what the purpose of saying, recording, and posting that was, other than to show other gays.

Anyway – he was an absolute extremist.



Until October 7.

The war effort in the Ukraine was already running out of steam, just because they were getting blown out by Russia and people were starting to see it as a waste. But it was the Israel situation that changed everything.

This is all fake.

Lindsey Graham is not an America Firster who cares about the border.

The war in the Ukraine is being shut down in preparation for Bibi’s escalation in the Middle East.

Yemen is sending cruise missiles at ships in the Gulf, so, I mean. We’re getting pretty close.

I hope these “Ukraine” boys start surrendering.

There’s no need for any more death.