The Ukraine “Scaling Back” Operations After Running Out of Ammo, Looking to Increase Conscription

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There’s no more ammo, so they need more soldiers. The Supreme Aryan Ukrainians are just going to rush the line in a group and punch the Russians in their subhuman Asian mongrel faces*.

No, I mean. They still have ammo for guns. They’re just running out of mortar shells.

But the apparent implication here is that they are going to replace mortar shells with groups of men running across fields with rifles.

We used to have to source this news from RT and TASS, or Chinese sources. Now, the mainstream Western press is printing daily about the Ukraine disaster situation.


Frontline Ukrainian troops face shortages of artillery shells and have scaled back some military operations because of a shortfall of foreign assistance, a senior army general told Reuters.

Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi was speaking after Republican lawmakers held up a $60-billion U.S. aid package and Hungary blocked 50 billion euros ($54.5 billion) in European Union funding for Kyiv as it battles Russia’s invasion.

There’s a problem with ammunition, especially post-Soviet (shells) – that’s 122 mm, 152 mm. And today these problems exist across the entire front line,” he said in an interview.


“Ukraine” people haven’t ever been able to shoot Russians with rifles. Most of these soldiers now are either 14-year-old boys or men in their 50s and 60s.

The media doesn’t talk much about this, but they will say stuff like “Ivan, 49, an elite Marine on the front lines,” and it’s like, “wait, hold on here…”

Tarnavskyi said the shortage of artillery shells was a “very big problem” and the drop in foreign military aid was having an impact on the battlefield.

“The volumes that we have today are not sufficient for us today, given our needs. So, we’re redistributing it. We’re replanning tasks that we had set for ourselves and making them smaller because we need to provide for them,” he said, without providing details.

The comments underline Kyiv’s reliance on Western military aid to fight Russian troops along a 1,000-km front nearly 22 months into the biggest conflict in Europe since World War Two.

Tarnavskyi said all brigades were working out ways to give personnel some rest.

“Today we have certain difficulties with the personnel that we have on the front lines. Yes, today they are not so fresh, not so rested,” he said. “Every commander should have a reserve.”

Kyiv has been discussing ways to improve the way men are conscripted into the army, and lawmakers are drawing up legislation to enhance the process, though the exact details are not yet known.

Well, it’s been press-gangs for well over a year. We’re all seen the videos of soldiers ripping teenage boys away from their mothers. That’s called “press-ganging.”

At some point, they are going to have to start sending women.

Nah. I think it’s basically over. I think now, Zelensky just wants to kill as many Ukrainian men as possible to lessen the chances of a coup and/or civil war when he’s forced to surrender and the people realize that all of this was for nothing.

*The Ukrainians are actually teaching in schools that Russians are “subhuman Asians.” The source of this is obviously the United States. The intelligence agencies ripped off Atomwaffen’s weird, violent, racist memes.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.