Lockdown Increases Eating Disorders, Study Suggests

Studies from Bristol University and University of East Anglia have shown that the lockdowns are virtually useless in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

However, they would be useless, because the tests are fake.

None of these studies involving testing have any meaning at all. But we can see with our eyes what is happening socially.

Study Finds:

All the time spent locked inside over the last year helped keep the public safe from COVID-19. However, those lockdowns may have also sparked an uptick in eating disorders. Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University say recent lockdown measures appear to be contributing to an increase in eating disorder-related symptoms.

In the summer of 2020, study authors analyzed the behaviors and attitudes of 319 local health club members with an average age of 37. Each volunteer filled out an “eating attitudes” test. That assessment asked subjects to indicate how strongly they agreed with statements like “I am terrified about being overweight,” “I have the impulse to vomit after meals,” and “I feel extremely guilty after eating.”

In comparison to similar research conducted in 2019, the average scores for the 2020 eating attitudes test were much higher. Researchers say this suggests higher levels of unhealthy conditions like bulimia and anorexia.

“We can’t say for certain that COVID-19 is responsible for this increase in behavior associated with eating disorders. However, we do know that people often use food as a coping mechanism for stress, and clearly many people have been impacted by stressful events and significant changes over the last 12 months,” says study leader and PhD researcher Mike Trott in a university release.

“If future lockdowns or periods of enforced quarantine are required, practitioners working with people with suspected eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, should monitor these behaviors closely.”

The media, and these studies, constantly use “COVID-19” as a synonym for the lockdown. As if the alleged virus ordered the government to do the lockdown, or the government somehow didn’t have a choice but to do the lockdown.

We’ve had pandemics before, and we never quarantined people who were not sick. That has never happened in history, even during the black plague, when they were literally rolling a cart through the city of London to pick up the dead every day.

“COVID-19” is not responsible for anything and probably doesn’t even exist. The government is the one doing the lockdowns.

No one has ever seen a person coughing to death on the street. There is no pandemic. It is a blatant hoax!

How does no one know anyone who died from the plague that is supposedly killing everyone???